OSI Food Solutions Makes A Big Move To Increase Its Chicken Production Capacity

OSI Food Solutions is a top 100 American food company that is also listed on Forbes top 100 American private companies list. Valued at more than $6.1 billion, the company was founded in 1909 as a domestic food company based out of Chicago, Illinois but is now a global force to be reckoned with. OSI boasts over 20,000 employees and continues its expansion into new markets year after year. On top of making big moves to work itself into the European market, OSI Food Solutions is also expanding its offerings in the United States as well as other countries overseas.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions has made a move in Spain to increase production capacity by adding a high-capacity production line to its Toledo, Spain facility. This has helped to double the amount of processed chicken products that the company produces from 12,000 tons a year to 24,000 tons. In total, OSI is now able to produce 45,000 tons of meat products every year and is looking to increase its employee base in Spain. The Managing Director of OSI in Spain, José María del Río, remarked that the extension added to the facility happened due to an increased demand for chicken and chicken products in Portugal and Spain and that it is expected that the demand will continue to rise.

The addition to OSI Food Solution’s Toledo, Spain facility includes new receiving and shipping areas, a new production area, storage areas for supplies, social rooms for employees, and many other, much needed, additions. Along with being able to increase its production capacity, the new expansions, which added another 22,600 square-feet to the plant, will enable OSI to create new products that will help them to gain new customers and satisfy existing customers that have been receiving chicken products from the company for years. On top of these new additions, OSI Food Solutions has been working to improve its food defense system by installing a new surveillance system, which includes indoor cameras and a system that can fight fires in case an emergency arises. David McDonald, President of OSI commented on his excitement about the expansion and also pointed out that the company is working to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by cutting electricity consumption in the facility by close to 20%. Heat expelled from the company’s new refrigeration system is also being used to heat water that cleaning crews can use to keep the facility as clean as possible.

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