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Exclusive Anti-Wrinkle Product Developed by Jeunesse Global Brings Instant Results

Typically, an anti-wrinkle product takes weeks to produce effective results; however, Instantly Ageless has been scientifically formulated to provide results within two minutes. Instantly Ageless quickly diminishes any noticeable signs of aging as a powerful anti-wrinkle cream. The results can last from six to nine hours, which is perfect for going from business to a night out on the town without needing to re-apply the product.

Instantly Ageless was showcased on the Emmy Award-winning daytime television show, “The Doctors.” During the show, the medical professionals put the product through an all-encompassing test and scrutiny. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra, a representative of Jeunesse Global, demonstrated the product to the panel of medical staff and live audience using a randomly chosen person to showcase how quickly the results can be seen, which received astounding reception.

The transformation that customers receive when using Instantly Ageless is not only quick and long-lasting but also extremely safe. The key ingredients include Argireline and mineral silicates. Argireline is a form of peptides, which are a combination of amino acids that navigate the stream of cells within the body and determine the effectiveness of those cells. Mineral silicates are structured directly from the earth using the most important class of rock-formation and also contain ratio levels of oxygen formation. Instantly Ageless was designed using a natural approach unlike similar products on the market that are manufactured with harmful chemical additives.

Target areas for Instantly Ageless include:

Jeunesse Global began distributing exclusive products like Instantly Aging on September 9, 2009. The company was officially launched at 9:00 P.M. by business partners Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The reason for the number “nine” was for Randy and Wendy to have the company represent longevity. They both have a belief in people thriving in life rather than merely surviving and chose the mission for the company based on that belief. Today, Jeunesse Global products are available in 110 countries and the company has received more than 300 awards for countless categories, including “New Consumer Product of The Year” for Instantly Ageless.

Why Choose Heal N Soothe For More Effective Pain Relief

Everyone has experienced pain in their lifetime and there is no way of getting around it. Life is full of challenges and some of the most minute activities can trigger instant pain. Herbal supplements are some of the most sought-after treatments for pain relief, but many people are unware of them because the medical industry doesn’t promote them. The problem with this method is that if the government can’t make money from a medication, then it will not support the medication. This is the case with Heal N Soothe and for other herbal pain relievers. Since the ingredients of these herbal products are grown naturally from the earth, the government can’t prescribe it as a pharmaceutical drug.

Heal N Sooth’s pain-relieving success comes from its wonderful enzymes. These enzymes will naturally thwart-off or decrease inflammation that’s in the body. In other words, inflammation is nothing more than bio-chemicals that becomes active during an injury. Enzymes reduces inflammation by neutralizing the bio-chemicals in the body. Yes, this can be a bit confusing, but it’s the truth. Heal N Sooth is loaded with some of the top all-natural herbs for relieving pain, which includes:

• Papain: Helps to digest antibodies, which causes inflammation

• Bromelain: An effective reducer of swelling

• Serrazimes: Inhibits immune factors that reduces inflammation

• Rutin: Improves the flow of blood and fights blood clots

• And many more

Yes, this is only a few of the extraordinary ingredients that makes-up Heal N Soothe’s formula. If you’re seeking a more safer route to pain relief, then this supplement can be purchased from health-food retailors, from Amazon or from the company’s official website. Heal N Sooth is effectively and is efficiently changing the game for the better because it is leading by example.

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Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Labs At The Forefront Of Cancer Treatment

“At some point, the dream is so intoxicating that I’m compelled to do everything in my power to make the dream a reality.” These poignant words summarize the mission of Eric Lefkofsky, which is to fight cancer using data analytics to revolutionize cancer medicine. In 2015, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus Labs, a Chicago-based health and biotech company that utilizes data science to help eradicate cancer through transformative advances in science. Tempus Labs developed two biotechnologies used for the treatment of diseases previously thought to be untreatable.

Tempus Labs developed the ability to sequence the genome of a person living with cancer and understands how to fight cancer utilizing the human immune system. Tempus Labs and a team of 150 immunologists, geneticists, and computational biologists in collaboration with data scientists and engineers work to answer the question: Why do some patients respond well to a cancer therapy while others do not? Tempus Labs responded to that query by building an operating system to fight cancer. The work of the team at Tempus Labs facilitates the delivery of personalized cancer care through an interactive analytical and machine learning platform. Tempus Labs empowers physicians to make data-driven, real-time decisions to benefit their cancer patients.

The goal of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs is to ensure each cancer patient benefits from the treatment of others by providing physicians with the tools and data they can use. In addition to the development of an operating system to combat cancer, Tempus Labs is building the world’s most extensive library of molecular and clinical data. Tempus Labs works collaboratively with many of the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive cancer centers located in the United States, and they have collaborated with several colleges and university. Tempus Labs has raised $130 million in funding.

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PSI Pay: An Innovating Banking Solution

PSI Pay is a global payment solutions and e-money company based in Horsham, West Sussex. The company was founded in 2007 and Craig James serves as the Director . PSI-Pay is authorized to issue e-money by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom under the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations. PSI Pay is the principal issuing authority for Mastercard. The payment solutions that PSI Pay offers are:

Fund Safeguarding.

• Fund Safeguarding. This option is for regulated or unregulated companies who don’t want to issue cards but need to hold customer balances with the support of an FCA regulated partner.

Partner Sponsorship Lite.

• Partner Sponsorship Lite. This is for companies with the proper authorization who want to become an member of MasterCard. They will be allowed to put that they are the issuer on the cards.

Full Partner Sponsorship.

• Full Partner Sponsorship. This solution is for  who want to skip the regulatory and scheme designations but still run their own prepaid or debit card program.

Regulated Partner Sponsorship.

• Regulated Partner Sponsorship. With regulated partner sponsorship, companies with the proper authorization to hold customer balances can use this solution even if they are not MasterCard members.

In 2016, PSI Pay, partnered with Kerv Wearables to release the world’s first contactless payment wearable ring. Buyers load money into their prepaid Kerv account and use the ring as they would any other contactless payment option (like waving a smartphone over a processor). The ring does not have a battery and never needs to be charged. It operates electromagnetic induction, meaning that it draws power from the the reader at the point of sale. The ring can be used anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payment.The ring is one example of how PSI Pay is enabling innovative new companies to expand. PSI Pay’s mission is to empower companies all over the world to conduct business and collect payments seamlessly and they are continuing to do that each day.

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