Talkspace – Therapy Sessions Online at Low Cost

If you are feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions or have just about any mental health issue that seems to be hijacking your life completely, it is suggested that you for therapy with a professional therapist. Delaying the process of therapy can have severe implications on your mental health, which would trickle down to your physical health soon enough. Most of the people these days don’t want to go for therapy because they can’t afford it or their insurance doesn’t cover it, but it is a must and should not be avoided. If you feel that the traditional therapy is too costly for you, then do not worry as a viable alternative is now available in the form of Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online therapy app that is available for both iOS and Android and helps people connects with the professional therapist at a meager price. It is a convenient option for the people who do not have time or money to go for conventional therapy. Millennials have been flocking Talkspace since Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential Election in 2016, and the people from the Jewish, Muslim and other minority communities have also been joining Talkspace in large quantities. Oren Frank, who heads Talkspace as its CEO and co-founder, said that we are not sure as to surge in the registering of the new members is due to Trump’s win, but it indeed has triggered something in the community.

Talkspace helps people connect with the licensed and professional therapist remotely, and chat via text or call. People even have an option to make a video call through the Talkspace app. Over a thousand licensed and professional therapists are registered with Talkspace, and the process of joining and getting started is as easy as it can be. One can be sure the entire therapy session is completely private and discreet.