The Types Of Positions Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Offers Professionals

Cancer Treatment Centers of America hires for a wide variety of positions at their member hospitals. They need people that are skilled in the field of medicine as well as accountants, janitorial services, customer service, food handlers, and more. They pay a competitive rate for these occupations in relation to what competitors offer in each of the markets in which CTCA operates.
CTCA has been certified as one of the 150 “great places to work in healthcare” as well as the 2nd healthiest place to work among mid-sized companies. The invest in their employees by supporting their ongoing education that keeps them current with the latest advances in their profession. Physicians who join CTA get an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment that uses evidence-based medicine to treat their patients. CTCA looks for nurses who can consistently deliver compassionate care to their patients and who can produce superior results.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has entry-level positions so that those fresh out of college have an opportunity to start their professional career. They also offer fellowships and internships as well. They have a summer intern program for college students that takes place over 10 to 12 weeks. Each intern is guided by an Internship Sponsor. They are included in team meetings and help complete the initiatives of the department they were placed in. They also receive feedback throughout the internship with a final feedback session as the internship winds down.

CTCA was established in 1988. They take a personalized approach to cancer care that is focused on the individual patient. They handle everything in-house such as precision cancer treatment and assessing tumors on a genomic level. They have the most cutting-edge of technology in their hospitals that is used by medical professionals who have received advanced training in their use. They also support their patients as they deal with the side-effects of cancer therapy such as nausea, profound tiredness, depression, lack of appetite, as well as others.

The oncologists at Cancer Treatment Centers of America includes specialists in all forms of cancer such as colorectal, breast, throat, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and more. The oncologists that work for this organization are board-certified and have advanced degrees in their medical field of expertise. As cancer is a complex disease, CTCA has coordinated care so that the whole patient is treated effectively. It can be a complicated journey to go through for patients such as keeping track of doctors appointments, refilling their prescriptions, collecting their personal medical records, filing for disability, and everything else that goes into dealing with this disease. This is why CTCA assigns a personal care manager to each patient that will provide whatever support the patient needs as they deal with this disease.

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