Who Sussex Healthcare Wants To Hire

Sussex Healthcare, a company that offers group homes in the UK is now seeking ideal candidates for various positions they have available. The healthcare company is focused on caring for elderly adults, as well as those who have long-term healthcare needs.

Additionally, the group is also committed to helping aged adults that have difficulty learning every day skills as well as with learning disabilities. There are numerous areas of care that this group offers including:

Dementia care
Palliative care
Recreational care and simulation
Respite care
Adult care in specialized areas
Support services such as occupational therapy

Those families that are seeking help with aged adults may want to consider what these facilities have to offer for their loved ones when that time arises. Those who are seeking employment in these areas of interest should consider Sussex Healthcare.

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Currently, the company is looking for those qualified in the area of registered nurse:
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Billinghurst
Registered Nurse/RN/RGN Beech Lodge-Horsham, West Sussex
Clinical Nurse Auditor- East Grinstead Area East Grinstead, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Forest Lodge Uckfield, East Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Kingsmead Lodge Horsham, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Upper Mead Henfield, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN-The Grange Horsham, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RE/RGN- The Granary Horsham, West Sussex

There are still many more positions available with Sussex Healthcare, and there are many aged adults that would love to experience the care that qualified individuals have to offer during their time spent with any group home under the umbrella of Sussex Healthcare.

There are numerous positions outside of those who are working as registered nurses and clinical nurses. Those who are trained to handle activities for residents of the group home are also needed. A quick visit to the website will show all positions that are available, including those featured jobs that are highlighted by Sussex Healthcare.

With more than 25 years of experience, the Sussex Healthcare group has a lot to offer any resident or those attending for therapy. There are numerous opportunities available with the group, including those who are seeking nursing apprenticeship.

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