Securus Technologies Poised To Be a Giant Player Worldwide

Securus Technologies recently announced that the prison-technology company has agreed to acquire government payment system giant, GovPayNet. This acquisition gives Securus yet another slice of the prison-technology market, having acquired over 20 different companies in the past 30 years. The Carrolton, Texas-based company employees over 1,000 employees in North America and supplies nearly 3,000 institution with numerous technological services to include inmate phone services and cell phone detection services for correction facilities.


The acquisition will align Securus with the rest of their product offerings, as GovPayNet is used by over 3,500 government facilities and agencies in the North America. Their primary business is supplying a means for these agencies to accept debit and credit payments for their services. The company heralds itself as the “Simple Way to Pay“, and services over 2,300 agencies in North America. Users of their service can pay fines, fees, child support, property tax, and other payments that are typically made to government agencies such as jails, county clerks, and enforcement agencies. This acquisition poises Securus to be a major player in the government sector, perhaps the largest of its kind in the world. They are excited to be able to provide a wider range of services for their clients.