The Mighty Fortress Church Provides Faith to a Diverse Community

The Mighty Fortress International congregation is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the diverse and active community celebrates and worships together. The Christian community prides itself on the ability to accept everyone into the church as they are in order to lead a faithful worship atmosphere where all just focus on praising Christ. In order to encourage congregants to include Christ and their faith in all areas of their life the church has several very specific areas of ministry and organizes social gatherings. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Mighty Fortress Church is unique because it aims to assist in building a relationship through practicing one’s faith with modern Bible teachings. The accepting community is necessary to continue encouraging growth through faith, and that is exactly what everyone at the church from the pastor down to the newest congregant understands. When everyone is free of judgement it gives Christians the ability to allow the understanding and true practice of Scripture.

Ministry and services are integral to any church congregation, and it’s true for the Mighty Fortress. The diverse types of ministry mean that there is a place for everyone and acceptance for every congregant. Ministries have been created for everything from a person’s place in life to the types of activities preferred and even the way in which congregants want to worship. Services are lively and rely on teaching the Bible and scriptures in a way that is in touch with the modern lifestyle of the congregants.



Pastor Thomas Williams is an integral part of the congregation, holding it together with his authentic preaching and message. By being honest and open with worshipers, Williams is best able to share the Word and teachings during his services. The type and diversity of the congregation means that Pastor Thomas needs to understand the many challenges faced and the lifestyle they lead in order to best allow them to accept Christ. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.