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Depression is becoming very common in the United States.

There are various causes that can contribute to depression. Some causes include mistreatment, annulment, financial difficulties, job loss, and/or bereavement.

There are common types of depression. Some types of depression consistently occur. Some types of depression occur during certain time frames and/or surroundings. Major Depressive Disorder is when self-esteem issues and feelings of despair occur for at least 2 weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder refers to depressive feelings occurring consistently for years. Postpartum Depression occurs after the birth of a child. Seasonal Affective Disorder refers to depression happening during certain seasons. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

The symptoms associated with depression vary. Some symptoms include constant unhappiness, extreme decrease or increase in weight, exhaustion, and absence of curiosity and/or motivation. High-functioning depression occurs when one is primarily struggling with internal chaos.

There are also physical indicators associated with depression. Some physical indicators include headaches, abdominal difficulties, and breathing difficulties.

Suicide is a main reason of death for those experiencing depression symptoms.

Depression is a leading reason for the occurrence of disability happening to individuals between ages 15-44.

At this point depression is in need of funding to further research.

Treatment for depression can include an amalgamation of prescription drugs and rehabilitation. Treatment can also include neurofeedback treatment. It is important for individuals to remember that he or she is not alone when dealing with this disorder.


Neurocore was established in 2004. Neurocore provides assessments and teaching programs. Neurocore helps children and grown-ups increase attentiveness, sleep, and cope better with stress. It has become a nationwide expert in theoretical neuroscience. It has centers positioned in Florida and Michigan. Follow Neurocore on

Neurocore uses a qEEG to complete a brain diagnostic. The information is examined and then Neurocore provides a customized program. Neurocore can detect indications of ADHD. It provides services that help take control of anxiety. Neurocore provides a groundbreaking program that helps control indicators linked with autism. Neurocore helps combat feelings of depression. Neurocore helps manage painful headaches, sleep problems, and levels of stress.

In conclusion, Neurocore provides beneficial resources to help with depression and other circumstances.