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Philanthropist George Soros donates $18 to Promote Democracy

George Soros, the world-renowned philanthropist, gave $18 billion to The Open Society Foundations, an organization that promotes good governance worldwide. The donation, which is proof of George Soros’ commitment to human rights, occurred in June 2017. So far,
Soros’ contributions to charities amount to $32bn.

The Open Society Foundations, with outposts in over 100 countries, helps to support human rights, combat authoritarianism, and the welfare of marginalized groups, the LGBT community, minorities, and refugees. Open Society, says its spokesperson Laura Silber, aims at promoting liberal and vibrant democracies globally. Since 1979, Open Society, the third largest charitable organization in the world, with only the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and ahead, has spent approximately $14 billion in pro-democracy activities.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is a Hungarian-born philanthropist and investor. Born in 1930, Soros endured the Nazi occupation and atrocities in Hungary of 1944–1945 as well as the massacre of about half a million Hungarian Jews. Soros’ family escaped the mass murders by falsifying identity papers to conceal their background. In 1947, Soros migrated from Budapest to London to work as a part-time railway porter and a night-club waiter. He also enrolled at the London School of Economics. After he relocated to the United States in 1956, Soros immediately entered into investments. The financial breakthrough for George Soros came in 1992 when he got $1 billion in a bet against the British currency.

The Open Society Foundations

In 1970, George Soros founded the Soros Fund Management and used it as the avenue to become a successful investor in the United States. Using his vast financial fortunes and the philosophy and ideologies of Karl Popper, which he first heard at the London School of Economics, Soros started the Open Society Foundations. According to Karl Popper, respect for freedom of expression, democratic principles, and individual rights are the only ingredients that allow societies to progress.

Under the leadership of Soros, the Open Society Foundations supports individuals and groups across the globe to promote accountable governments, independent media, justice, and equality. Open Society also provides fees for thousands of students in schools and universities. Sex workers, immigrants, and drug users benefit from the support of Open Society too.

George Soros-A Lifetime Commitment to Just Societies

Soros who is 87 years intends to give away much of his finances to the Open Society Foundations as per the information from Laura Silber. In apartheid South Africa, Soros supported black South Africans by giving scholarships in 1979. From the 1980s, the Open Society encouraged more openness in Communist Hungary. Hungarians received funding for educational visits to the Western countries and independent cultural organizations. Further, Soros pioneered the Central European University to promote critical thinking in the crumbling Communist bloc.

In the 2000s, George Soros began to support same-sex marriages vocally. At the global arena, independent organizations including the International Crisis Group, Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and the European Council on Foreign Relations are some of the beneficiaries of George Soros’s philanthropy.

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George Soros One of the Most Politically Active Thought Leaders Today

George Soros is a man that has been taking an active interest in the politics of the United States for a long time. He is a vocal supporter of Democracy and democratic ideals and voluntarily and financially supports many of the political candidates from Democratic Party as well. In the last Presidential Election, George Soros is estimated to have spent nearly $30 million to ensure the victory of Hillary Clinton. He went out of the way to make sure that the election campaign of Hillary Clinton is without any shortcomings, especially on the finance side. However, the outcome of the election wasn’t as he desired, but that hasn’t dented his motivation and enthusiasm to fight and stand for the ideology he believes in.

George Soros is one of the most well-known and active philanthropists in the world today. Over the years, George Soros has given away billions towards philanthropy. To reach out globally in his philanthropic endeavors, George Soros launched Open Society Foundations, which is an organization that works as a central unit of the massive network of charities and organizations operating globally. George Soros recently announced that he had transferred a sum of $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations to further his charitable initiatives across the world. George Soros feels that it is essential that the people with wealth and resources come together to help the underprivileged section of the world civilization. He has been donating generously to numerous charities and organizations directly and through his foundation, and his help and support have helped change lives of thousands of people across the globe.

George Soros supports the political candidates who believe in the same democratic principles that he supports. It is for this very reason he stood firmly behind Hillary Clinton during her election campaign. George Soros thinks it is essential for the democracy to prevail to keep capitalism at bay, which is harmful to the world. George Soros is a firm believer in equality and fairness in justice, but as he notices there is a lot of discrimination existing in our society, he couldn’t help but speak out against it. It is for this reason; there is a considerable section of the world we live in that supports him and the other part that wants to suppress his voice, stand against him.

George Soros was born in Hungary and is a Jewish by faith. He has lived through Nazis Holocaust in Budapest and has witnessed both the World Wars carefully, which is what has also given him a close understanding of politics. George Soros said in an article George Soros recently wrote that there was once a time when people were afraid that communism would come to power, but today people should be worried more about the Capitalist threat. He has done his bachelor were in economics from London School of Economics and moved to the United States to build his career in finance, and George did so in a way others can only imagine. George managed to build a business empire that made him a fortune worth close to $26 Billion today.

Jason Hope: Stepping into the Internet-of-Things

It is almost impossible for consumers to go anywhere that they are not connected to the internet. In addition to the smartphones that many people carry, many restaurants are starting to use kiosks for ordering and business will allow customers to buy things to be delivered right to their cars while they wait outside. It is truly a time where humanity has streamlined some of the more basic parts of their day. These technologies that are present in the objects that consumers interact with daily are only set to expand in the coming future. In fact, celebrated futurist Jason Hope believes that consumers should start educating themselves now about the technology that seems to be popping up everyone.

Jason Hope is a veteran of the technology industry. He graduated from Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business with an MBA and at a very young age founded first technology company. Though Hope started in the communications field, he has since expanded his focus into biotechnology. He is an avid philanthropist and is constantly spectating new start-ups. For Hope, there is no giving up. He is always pushing himself and his companies forward towards the next innovation. Based on his years of experience, Hope believes that consumers should pay closer attention to the IoT and IoT enabled devices.

“Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is Hope’s attempt to educate consumers about the new technology around them. This new e-book can be purchased today from and even be read on one of those IoT enabled devices. In his e-book, Hope explains that the IoT, or Internet of Things, is the web of devices that are connected to each other and communicate through the internet. This means that those kiosks that consumers order their morning coffees on or the smartphones that they talk to loved ones through are both IoT devices. They are everywhere, and they will only continue to saturate the market.

Hope explains that the use of IoT items is a good thing. It helps people go about their daily lives. His book simply wants to educate people on their use and help them with security. He also wants them to understand how the IoT works and constraints that could be imposed on it. With the number of devices increasing, Hope simply wants to inform the public and help create diligent and competent users. His e-book will accomplish just that.

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George Soros Donates Generously to the Open Society Foundations

If you’re unfamiliar with George Soros, he is the Hungarian-American investor who amassed considerable wealth in the hedge fund industry. In fact, the aptly named Soros Fund Management firm has been recognized as one of the most profitable firms in the hedge fund industry and according to Forbes boasts $26 billion in assets. In addition to his work in the hedge fund arena, Soros is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations, an organization predicated on fighting government oppression and authoritarian regimes. Since being established in 1979, the Open Society Foundations has been linked to a number of noble causes including the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

As someone who lived through the Nazi Germany occupation of 1944 to 1945, George Soros is intimately familiar with government oppression and authoritarian regimes and has made it his mission to voice his disdain for such practices, which would ultimately lead to the creation of the Open Society Foundations in 1979. Although the organization was founded in 1979, their first celebrated act of humanitarianism didn’t come about until 1984, when the Open Society Foundations donated copy machines to various universities, civic group, and libraries in Hungary. According to a CNN article, the donations were intended to help break the grip on communication that once beset the people of Hungary.

Since their momentous achievement in Hungary, the Open Society Foundations has gone on to affect change in many parts of the world, including the United States. In an effort to broaden the breadth and scope of the organization, George Soros, according to a New York Times article, has donated $18 million of his personal fortune to the foundation, making it the second largest charitable organizations in the world. Although this is a tremendously generous donation, it is not surprising; according to, an independent nonprofit news organization, Soros has made past donations, through the Open Society Foundations, totaling $8 billion to help promote human rights, democracy, and host of other causes.

Although George Soros’ generosity has pathed the way for considerable reform, it has also been met with criticism. Many publications have described his charitable efforts as a guise for forcing his liberal values on to others, suggesting that his charitable efforts are self-serving. These assertions are speculative at best and really hold no weight when compared to how the foundation has positively impacted numerous countries around the world. In fact, in 2017, the Open Society Foundations gave grants to seven regions around the world to help spur justice reform and human rights, as well as economic governance. These grants encompassed the organization’s 2017 budget of $940 million.

With a net worth reportedly in the neighborhood of $23 billion, Soros feels compelled to help foundations, and causes, that can benefit the most from his philanthropic generosity, which explains his decision to donate $10 million of his own money to help combat hate crimes, during the 2016 presidential race.

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Dr. McKenna Three Tips for Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. OVMe sounds like of me, which denotes that it is focused on the customer. It lets men and women connect with cosmetic practitioners all around the country to help them receive low-cost and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It was launched with the founding of an Atlanta based venture firm. They raised four million dollars.

Dr. Mark McKenna is creating a revolution in the medical aesthetics business. The medical aesthetics business currently is quite rigid. Dr. Mark McKenna is focusing on changing that. He is focusing on things like minimally invasive procedures that deliver precision results, as well as user experience. They even have an app that lets you order Botox injections at your house. Their goal is to hire freelance practitioners around the country so that they can connect them with people who are using the app to order Botox injections. This is just like how Uber connects freelance drivers with people who are using the app and who need a ride.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that there are three things behind his success. First of all, his success is due to his hard work and his persistence and dedication. If you are not persistent and you do not work hard until you get what you want, you will not see success. Next, you need to have a great team. Only through collaboration will you achieve best results. That is why you need to make sure that you have a great team. Finally, you need to think about the end result from the beginning. You need to think and think again about the end result and not just jump into things. In essence, you need to measure a few times before you cut.

Dr. McKenna plans on launching his first clinic in Atlanta in February of 2018. He will then launch another clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a five-year plan for the growth and expansion of his business. He hopes to hit the 25 million dollar mark by then.

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Neurocore Provides Beneficial Services

Depression is becoming very common in the United States.

There are various causes that can contribute to depression. Some causes include mistreatment, annulment, financial difficulties, job loss, and/or bereavement.

There are common types of depression. Some types of depression consistently occur. Some types of depression occur during certain time frames and/or surroundings. Major Depressive Disorder is when self-esteem issues and feelings of despair occur for at least 2 weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder refers to depressive feelings occurring consistently for years. Postpartum Depression occurs after the birth of a child. Seasonal Affective Disorder refers to depression happening during certain seasons.

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The symptoms associated with depression vary. Some symptoms include constant unhappiness, extreme decrease or increase in weight, exhaustion, and absence of curiosity and/or motivation. High-functioning depression occurs when one is primarily struggling with internal chaos.

There are also physical indicators associated with depression. Some physical indicators include headaches, abdominal difficulties, and breathing difficulties.

Suicide is a main reason of death for those experiencing depression symptoms.

Depression is a leading reason for the occurrence of disability happening to individuals between ages 15-44.

At this point depression is in need of funding to further research.

Treatment for depression can include an amalgamation of prescription drugs and rehabilitation. Treatment can also include neurofeedback treatment. It is important for individuals to remember that he or she is not alone when dealing with this disorder.


Neurocore was established in 2004. Neurocore provides assessments and teaching programs. Neurocore helps children and grown-ups increase attentiveness, sleep, and cope better with stress. It has become a nationwide expert in theoretical neuroscience. It has centers positioned in Florida and Michigan. Follow Neurocore on

Neurocore uses a qEEG to complete a brain diagnostic. The information is examined and then Neurocore provides a customized program. Neurocore can detect indications of ADHD. It provides services that help take control of anxiety. Neurocore provides a groundbreaking program that helps control indicators linked with autism. Neurocore helps combat feelings of depression. Neurocore helps manage painful headaches, sleep problems, and levels of stress.

In conclusion, Neurocore provides beneficial resources to help with depression and other circumstances.

Rocketship Education: Building Success From the Ground Up

It is believed by a great number of people that the course of our lives can be shaped by its earliest years. This idea seems obvious when brought to the attention of anyone familiar with psychology. The foundations of what we learn are set in elementary school. More importantly, our attitudes towards education and our abilities are set during this time as well. This significant time is often overlooked by many education programs. While anyone can recognize the value of the subjects taught few see the greater significance of the habits and attitudes formed during this period of time.

Rocketship Education is a groundbreaking charter school program that sees the potential of these early years. The nonprofit organization services exclusively low-income communities in service to their mission of eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime. They were founded in 2006 and have since then focused all of their energies on developing a sustainable program that addresses the thicket of challenges threatening the success of lower income populations. Rocketship Education is a fervent believer in the endless potential of any student who works hard to achieve their goals. Further, they feel that every child in the United States has a right to a quality education.

Rocketship Education’s program is centered on community support for the students’ education. They support the community in many direct ways such as when a flood hit San Jose in the spring of 2017. Many families in the lower economic class were uncertain on how they would go about procuring new housing or replacing all the personal property that was lost or destroyed. Rocketship Education flew in to help eventually raising over $60,000 towards addressing these needs. Additionally, Rocketship Education seeks to create a personal connection between teachers, students, and parents. They believe that when instructor’s budget time to get to know children and communicate with parents then they will be better equipped to design lesson plans that suit the student’s interests and needs. Ultimately the charter school hopes to unlock the power of community. They believe that through the active involvement of parents in their child’s education process they will generate lasting success.

Boraie Is Putting The Limelight Back On Atlantic City

The New Jersey resort town of Atlantic City was once a most visited area for people who like to gamble, and just have fun. After a major crisis and the closing of several casinos, the town lost quite a bit of its revenue. Many things came to a halt as people who had lost jobs began to leave for better opportunities. The Boraie Development company is striving to put the glimmer back into the eyes of the Atlantic City residents. The company has embarked on a project that will help improve growth in the city. They are in the process of building a 250 unit apartment complex in the resort town. They are working with the city to once again make Atlantic City a bulging economic area by providing apartments for more than 50,000 people in the city.

Boraie Development LLC. is a company that offers services in many areas of real estate marketing and development, sales and management, and property development. They pride themselves in their ability to work with architects, contractors, and financial institutions. The President of Boraie Development is Omar Boraie, and he has been in the business, with astronomical visions, for more than forty years. He is most excited to see his visions for the company materialized. His most determined vision was to rebuild the city of New Brunswick. He started years ago with his first project which is now the home of his office on Albany Street. When he was young, after the all of the buildings on that street were totally ruined, he bought all of the property. Check out his website

Omar Boraie rebuilt Albany Street, and it is now the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. This venture brought into the city some much needed space for offices. He then built the Tower Two which is next to Tower one. After the office buildings, Boraie Development built a twenty five story condominium that would be homes for twenty one thousand residents. The condos have a four hundred space parking garage, retail stores, and office spaces within the building. It also has enough space for outdoor barbecues, and a walk for dogs. This New York style condo was built in the heart of New Brunswick. The city of New Brunswick has been put back on the map, so to speak, thanks to the vision of Omar Boraie and his team with the Boraie Development LLC, and his many investors.

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Adam Milstein’s Philanthropy, Buisness Ethics, and the Importance of Priorities

Adam Milstein, a native of Israel, who came to the United States in 1981 after having graduated from Techion and serving in the Yum Kippur war, is a man dedicated to philanthropy, his family, and the nation he hails from. After earning a MDA from Southern California University, Milstein sought a career in commercial real estate, and today is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. The cofounder of Israeli American council, and board member for multiple organizations dedicated to the Jewish people and Israel as a nation, Adam Milstein spends a majority of his time and assets on causes near and dear to him. Recently, Adam sat down for an interview in which he spoke of his philanthropy work, his deepest commitments, and his business ethic.

It is easy to see that Adam is a family man, a father, and a husband first. When asked what the best purchase he’d made recently for a hundred dollars, Milstein replied dinner with his wife and children, as family is most important. Indeed it is easy to see that influence on Adam Milstein and his work, as he and his wife, Gila, have three children and grand children and have cofounded two foundations, Sifriyat Pijama B’America, and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, both of which are dedicated to educating Jewish families with free Hebrew literature monthly. In the same interview, Adam said that his philanthropic work has added new meaning to his work days.

When asked about what he believes has led to his successes in life and business, Adam Milstein said he believes it’s the trifecta of persistency, consistency, and follow-up. He also highlights the importance of understanding situations for yourself as an entrepreneur, and says it’s the best way to be apart of the solution, instead of the problem. Milstein is a noted author on Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish people as well, having contributed multiple works to varying blogs and sources. It’s easy to see that Adam Milstein is a man who has dedicated his life to being able to provide for his family, people, and country.


Greg Secker and his Expertise in Forex Trade


Greg Secker is a financial expert who is also the founder of the famous Greg Secker Foundation. Throughout his life, he has managed to acquire numerous titles as master trader, international speaker, philanthropist, father, entrepreneur and many others. The successful businessman established the Knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003. This company consists of a number of companies throughout the world. Greg uses such organizations and companies in fulfilling his commitment and passion of enhancing life quality for individuals from all parts of the world. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Nottingham where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Molecular Biology.

Greg Secker states that his drive and motivation in life comes from his deep desire to encourage people and also offer the same tools and ideas that made him become successful in life over the years. Greg uses this ideas and tools to coach and also mentor other individuals when it comes to analyzing the market and trade. Greg Secker has created a business model which has managed to assist him in becoming the leader in the market of Forex Trade. Greg also says that he is a strong believer of the support that comes from family, friends as well as business colleagues in pushing a person towards achieving their dreams and vision. Applying enthusiasm in business is a key tool that Greg Secker used to ensure that he achieves his strategic goals in his career.

Greg Secker is a strong believer when it comes to the power of technology and he therefore uses this to succeed in his businesses. The career journey of Greg started when he went to serve at a local country club while he was still young. This helped him in understanding the ethics of operating a business and how to handle your clients in a friendly manner. Greg also worked at the Thomas Cook Financial services and later moved on to Virtual Trade Desk. This was a foreign exchange business which he worked extra hard to ensure that it acquired massive success and growth. Greg Secker also served at the Mellon Financial Corporation where he held the position of vice president. It was at this company that Greg managed to work with some of the world’s best traders. After acquiring some experience and expertise in Forex Trade, Greg launched his own firm known as Learn to Trade.