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Boraie Development Joins the List of Sponsors for this Year’s Free Summer Movies Series at the State Theatre in New Brunswick

With the latest high definition digital cinema projection system, the State Theatre located in New Brunswick offers the best venue for live performances in New Jersey. The system that consists of a Barco projector, a digital surround sound, and a 46′ screen guarantees audiences an out-of-this-world experience. It is designed to hold 1850 people with sitting allowances in the balcony and downstairs. This year’s summer, about 7500 people drawn from New Brunswick and surrounding regions got to enjoy the experience in the Free Summer Movies Series. The lineup, which consisted of six movies was sponsored by two generous firms: The Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development.

All Were Happy

The idea was to give families an opportunity to spend time together watching their favorite movies. According to the New Jersey Stage, the sponsors were delighted to be a source of joy for families during the summer. Boraie Development has proudly continued to sponsor this initiative over the years, and this year was no exemption. Commenting on the issue, the firm’s Vice President, Hiam Boraie affirmed the company’s contentment in playing a role in making the series possible for families to enjoy their summer. Provident Bank Foundation’s Executive Director, Jane Kurek’s comments, agreed with those of Hiam. The State Theatre’s management led by the Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnerships, Anna Marie Gewirtz could only be grateful to the sponsors for helping in achieving its mission of providing families with affordable programming. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

The Films

According to WSJ, movie enthusiasts in groups of over 20 individuals could access the free tickets by calling the office situated at 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick New Jersey on 732-246-7469. Another option was to visit the office during working hours that run from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening on weekdays and 1 to 5 pm on Saturdays. They could also make reservations at The shows kicked off on 12th July with the movie titled Frozen with the second film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial showing on 19th July. Others included Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University and Aladdin showing on 26th July, 2nd August, 9th August and 16th August respectively.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a well-known provider of magnificent properties in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The firm has capitalized on strategic partnerships with top architects, financial institutions, and contractors to bring unmatched properties in the industry. The main revenue-making avenues in the company are property development, management, and sales & marketing. You can visit Yahoo to know more.

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OSI Group innovation

OSI Idustries is a world leader in quality products and custom solutions for the food industries. The company was founded in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois and are for profit. They have different names such as OSI Industries, OSI North America. Many world leading brands regard them as a premium International food provider. They deliver quality products while making sure that the process of making them in streamlined. They have expanded in countries such as the Philippines, acquired another facility in Chicago and created an automated hands-free facility.

Recently, OSI has made plans to expand their business in the food manufacturing industry that correlate with their value and goals. In the last year, the company has opened seven facilities that expand across the globe. David McDonald is the groups President, group and success for the company is ambition of his. He encourages good business, he wants the suppliers to be happier, as well as the consumers to satisfy them. McDonald said, The constant variable is that the food is both “healthy and tasty,. He wants to offer people a wider variety of options as well as make the food “more significant”. The company plans to work in 16 other countries. First, they would like to be established in Europe. They bought out Flagship Europe, which means they are in control of their poultry, pies, sandwich fillings, dips marinades, sauces and dressings. If successful, OSI could be a huge presence in the European continent. Baho Food, is a dutch food producer and they have recently joined OSI. Their subsidiaries operate in Germany as well as the Netherlands with their power plants and serve 18 countries.

In their, Aurora, Illinois headquarters, OSI recognizes the companies they do business with oversees will do a better job of satisfying local customer. They realize they can’t have the exact same products for every reason due to cultural differences. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI group, has an educational background finances. That education made him want to pursue owning a business and expand it. He was a financial consultant who arranged the first meat facility of Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. That relationship create a gate to owning more of OSI. Lavin says innovation is a part of who he is but OSI gave him more motivation. He made the company into a family, which was a better way of doing business. His management has created 65 facilities in 17 countries.

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Shopping for Beneful at Walmart

Every year, millions of dog-owning Americans shop at Walmart. And if you’re one of who does and you’re looking to purchase Beneful for your dog, you may be wondering if Walmart carries it.

Fortunately, Beneful is one of the many brands of dog food that Walmart carries. It is also a popular, healthy choice for your furry companion.

Walmart frequently offers specials on all of their products, including many brands of dog foods, and coupons for Beneful can be found both on and off the internet. Even though prices may vary from store to store, Walmart generally sells Beneful dry food for under $15 and wet food for $5.

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Neurocore: Changing The Way Patients Are Diagnosed With Mental Health Disorders

Neurocore is a company that believes in offering some of the best testing options to customers and patients who come to them. The company has several centers across Florida and Michigan and has provided their services to thousands of people coming to them from all over America. The company is dedicated to continuing researching in the field of neurology and uses some of the most high-end brain mapping technology to give their patients some of the most precise test results.

Every year, millions of the people develop mental health issues, while the number of them being correctly diagnosed and treated is far less. People who have mental health issues often visit psychiatrists who may not conduct tests on them to find out the cause of their problem. This leads to a somewhat inaccurate diagnosis and hampers the patient from receiving personalized medical care that caters to their specific need. Neurocore wanted to be able to offer patients a tangible way to uncover what is going on in their brains, which is why they decided to put the testing system into place. Since patients coming to Neurocore often are different from one another and have various conditions, the need to personalize all of the tests that take place is imminent. All of the patients are given tests that will help give them a more comprehensive look into the illness that they have been diagnosed with, or are waiting to be diagnosed with.

Neurocore is being seen as a revolutionary step in the array of mental health. The technology and testing systems that the company has in place have been of great help to doctors all over the country who are looking for more precise ways to understand their patient’s brains and the illnesses associated with the chemistry that goes on there. The technology that Neurocore is currently using is paving the way for better diagnoses of mental illnesses, and is changing the way people in the country look at the term ‘mental health.’ Currently, the testing that Neurocore conducts can be used to diagnose and understand a range of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, autism and much more.

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Amicus Therapeutics, a unique biopharmaceutical company with big goals

Amicus Therapeutics is a little-known biopharmaceutical company that boasts some impressive discoveries and holdings. Despite only having 92 employees as of 2013, the company generates over 18 million dollars in revenue each year, with the potential for far more depending on the continued success of their newest research.


The focus of Amicus Therapeutics is on rare diseases, specifically, disorders known as lysosomal storage disorders. Their mission is to try and be a voice for those with a rare genetic condition such as Fabry disease. This research has earned them the title of “the broadest portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones” in the industry according to the Royal Society of Chemistry.


What is most interesting about this company it is that it has operated successfully the last 15 years without having brought a product to market. 15 years later there is a hopeful candidate for the company in the form of Migalastat (trade name Galafold).


This pharmaceutical has been clinically shown to help patients suffering from Fabry disease and is currently undergoing FDA evaluation before being made available ( In addition to treating Fabry disease, initial trials have shown Galafold to have no serious side effects, even after four years of continuous use.


Having never bought a product to market may seem like frightening news for investors, but the ongoing support for the company paints a different picture (GoogleFinance). Over the last year, Amicus Therapeutics stock (ticker symbol: FOLD) has nearly tripled in value, bringing their market capitalization to over 2 billion dollars.


Investors can expect a considerable return on their investment when Galafold is approved by the FDA and makes it to market.

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Securing the Digital World-Rubica

Cyber threats are growing in high rates and it might seem shocking but it is important to be safe from the threats. Cybercrimes are bringing more damage than good to individuals, government as well as organizations all over the world. Cybers need to protect themselves from such insecurities which can cause losses and leakage of crucial information. A perfect example is what happened in May 2017 when the attackers attacked about 300000 computers getting information from about 150 countries across the world. Listed below is the answer of why cyber security is important as explained by Investing News Network (INT) (Facebook).

  1. The severity of Attacks: according to PwC’s report it is not only the number of cybersecurity that is increasing instead also the degree of the attacks is also on the higher number and the attack s are bringing more destruction and harm to the world.
  2. Future outlook: according to a report released by PwC, the number of organizations that are taking big steps in securing their technology is increasing.
  3. Increasing threats: it is important to secure the cybers because of the number of attack s that are increasing each day.

Rubica is a private organization that offers security for the digital system. Rubica was established with a primary purpose of securing the digital systems of organizations, individuals, as well as the government system behind the scenes. To get Rubica to secure the system one can simply download their app on the desktop, Android phones as well as laptops.

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Osteo Relief Institue Uses FDA Approved Therapies for Arthritis

Osteo Relief Insitute is a proven excellent choice when it comes to the treatment of various types of chronic pain. Arthritis, in particular, is one condition that is very prevalent in the United States. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis and it is a degenerative joint disease which causes the cartilage in the knees to disintegrate. Osteo Relief Institue employs several cutting-edge therapies to help patients cope with the disease and improve their quality of life.

Osteo Relief Institute

The breakdown of cartilage is characterized by weakness in the joints and pain which tends to become chronic. Some sufferers report that there are good days that are relatively pain-free and even worse days where the pain becomes front and center (DialDish). Osteo Relief Insitute has great expertise regarding the latest therapies and also provides a range of treatment options to help provide relief.

Several risk factors come into play and obesity is one of them that is somewhat under a patient’s control. Serious effort should be made to lose weight and take a considerable pressure and strain off of joints in an effort to delay as long as possible the condition. Age and family history are also risk factors as well as previous injuries.

Osteo Relief Institute does everything within their power to help patients avoid surgery. They have specialized skills and therapies to help with pain relief and work earnestly to help patients restore normal mobility. They view surgery as a costly last resort to be avoided if at all possible. There are new treatments available that are FDA approved and effective which should give many arthritis sufferers hope.

The advanced technology that Osteo Relief Institute utilizes is the latest available and provides an edge for patients hoping to avoid surgery ( Their clinics feature board-certified physicians and physical therapists in a multidisciplinary approach. Their mindset is one of treating all their patients like family and providing the best experience possible.

The staff at Osteo Relief Institue locations are highly trained to help in any way that they can. The communication at their locations is accessible to patients and avoids complex medical terminology to help them fully understand options and everything regarding their condition and treatment program.


Achievements of Eli Gershkotvich; The CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries

A brewery is a business enterprise that mainly deals with production and sale of different types of beer. Production of beer is done through fermenting a mixture of cereal grains such as barley, wheat, rye, corn or rice, hops, and water with yeast. Brewing was a cottage industry in the past. Production of beer took place at home. New brewery plants have been established to constitute workers who are dedicated to producing and selling beer over the years.


Brewing companies significantly differ in the volume and variety of beer that they produce. They are either classified as small breweries such as Ringwood brewery or as massive multinational conglomerates such as SABMiller, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Heineken International. The types of beer that is produced differ in color, flavor, the method of production, ingredients, and origin. The most notable variety of beer includes ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and malt.


Eli Gershkotvich is a prominent Canadian businessman. He was born on 4th July 1975. He acquired a degree in Law from the University of Toronto’s law school in 1987. He started his work experience as an attorney on liquor licenses. This helped him gain familiarity with liquor licensing laws. Eli Gershkotvish opened up his first brewpub in Gastown as the only enterprise that incorporated steam powered brewing in 1995. His business became popular and a central hotspot for both the locals and visitors over the course of time.


Eli Gershkotvich expanded his brewpub business through the establishment of other local businesses that were tailored to offer Steamworks beverages in order to meet the increasing demand for beer efficiently. Eli Gershkotvich is the current CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries (VancouverFoodster). It is the most prominent brewery that produces a variety of steam work concoctions such as lions gate lager and Steamworks pale ale. It is the principal brew supplier to Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.


Eli Gershkotvich has received numerous awards for his quality beer brands in the brewery competitions. BC Craft Beer Awards recognized Steamworks’ famous Pilsner and awarded it as the best BC craft beer. Eli Gershkotvich is historically known to be a great brew innovator who has transformed Canadian beer.


Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Is a True Visionary

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC continues to increase its market share and prestige, and CEO Glen Wakeman is a large part of the firm’s ongoing success. In fact, his 5 Step Performance Methodology is one of the reasons that so many are familiar with Glen Wakeman. This system focuses on leadership capabilities, investing in staff and employees, risk management, and business execution (PhillyPurge). Wakeman came to LaunchPad Holdings following GE Capital. He also holds an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. In his role as CEO he provides guidance international financing, angel investing, and raising start-up and operating capital.

Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad mainly out of his passion to match ideas with capital and his desire to pass along his knowledge and expertise to those in the early stages of the start-up process. Currently, he is very excited about the prospect of machine learning and how this technology can be utilized to improve how businesses operate. He is concerned, of course, with the possible encroachment upon personal privacy can be affected, and is closely watching how these issues are handled on a continuous basis.

glen wakeman picssss

In a recent interview with the popular business website,, Wakeman discussed how curiosity and having an eye on the future both help him to remain relevant and vibrant ( He credits his ability to problem solve as another helpful trait that has had a positive impact on his career.

His work is centered around M&A, creating performance metrics, and being a guiding force for early-stage start-ups. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a SAAS company that was founded in 2015 and of which Wakeman is a co-founder and current CEO. This company provides the structure and framework that many startups are lacking, especially as they work to get off the ground. Through his work with LaunchPad, Wakeman helps these firms grow from the idea stage and helps them to create a successful plan for business execution.

Glen Wakeman is one to watch in the start-up industry as his expertise is shared with many early-stage firms, with whom he is partnering for success. Under his leadership, LaunchPad Holdings will surely continue to grow.

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Dr. Mark Holterman a Shining Star in the Medical World

Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical practitioner based in Peoria, Illinois who specializes in General and Pediatric Surgery. He is also a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. In addition to this, he has a membership of several professional establishments that include American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons ( He carries research in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. He has a vast experience in the medical field that adds up to over 29 years.


He is a graduate of Yale University, where he majored in biology. Dr. Mark Holterman later graduated with a Ph.D. and Masters Degree at the University of Virginia. He is using his education to finding a cure for the chronic diseases like diabetes, and that is why he saw the need to belong to American Diabetes Association (ADA). American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently announced that it is joining hands with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to find the solution to the increasing type 2-diabetes in young ones and teenagers. In reference to their goals, the two organizations have come up with Camp Power Up that employs practical curriculum in engaging youths in physical activities and help them to make a good choice of diet so as to curb the spread of type 2-diabetes.


Dr. Mark Holterman was one of the pioneers of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. The organization uses cellular and regenerative therapies in offering services to children with rare diseases. He is also a co-founder of Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT). It is a non-profit organization that intends to bring together scientists, researchers, and physicians that are considered the best globally. Through the collaboration, AACT aims to come up with the guidelines to ensure best practice in regenerative medicine.


Dr. Mark Holterman finds time to serve as the CEO of the Mariam Global Health Furthermore, he is interested in helping patients, and thus he supports charitable organizations such as International Pediatric Specialists Alliances for the Children of Vietnam. In regard to his efforts, Dr. Holterman has earned several awards such as the Innovative Research Award, that was given by American Diabetes of Association.

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