Rocketship Education

Located in Redwood City, California, Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools, working in conjunction with educators, parents, and community-based organizations to provide quality education to children from low-income families and English learners. This charter school shares similarity with other privately managed but publicly funded elementary schools. But the school’s approach defies all conventional expectation of a chartered school. For instance, at Rocketship Education, students spend two hours per day on individualized virtual learning of core competencies.

A majority of its teachers hold qualifications from top Ivy League colleges with minimal experience between them. Most are recruited from Teach America’s program using a graduate’s school needs matching scheme. As a result, of the matching system, most teachers end up becoming principals after a few years of practice. Still, the network’s future growth objectives are one of its impressive features. Despite having only seven schools in 2012, the network hopes to expand to over 2,000 schools by 2020. Its expansion program targets 50 cities and a student population of 1 million students. In comparison, this will make Rocketship Education as large as New York City schools.

Learning Design: Leaders and Teachers

At Rocketship Education, leaders and educators act as its most powerful driving force. As such, the school is geared towards providing students with access to quality teaching. Concerning this objective, the school embraces professional development, dedicated coaching, and leadership programs to enhance its teachers and leaders experience. This approach integrates the principles highlighted below:

 Vocational and personal satisfaction. This is achieved by elevating the teaching profession through the provision of stimulating career options. As a result, its leaders, and educators feel valued, appreciated, and empowered.

 Professional development resources. Rocketship Education adopts an approach that employs embedded learning, personalized training, and individualized learning in its regular work day programs.

 Leadership programs. Its program develops leader from within its pool of talent. As such, the center provides its staff with on the job leadership and principal training programs oriented towards long-term career goals.

Rocketship Education’s model fosters a growing community and culture. This is composed of a family of leaders, parents, teachers, and local communities with the goal of eliminating student achievement gaps.