Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Futurist, Philanthropist and Investor

Jason Hope has a long and storied reputation as a futurist–a futurist with passion, skill, ambition and natural skills.

Like so many other enthusiasts, Hope has an burning passion for all things related to technology. Where Hope separates himself from the crowd, however, is that he takes his passion to a higher level than mankind has ever seen.

Hope thought he had a crystal clear picture of the world as it is now, but just as his ideologies began to cement in his brain, he realized that the real challenge to predict the future and hopefully steer it towards a better course of action.

How the world of technology will be integrated into the wilderness in a two decades’ time? “Where exactly is technology headed in future?” Hope knows he has a tough road ahead, as predicting the future is like trying to hit a moving target–and that’s on a good day.

Some people believe the “Internet of Things” is the wave of the future. Others believe we have already entered and are in the midst of the earliest stages of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) phenomenon. Hope believes this will become an increasingly a part of our lives as life goes on—it already is to a large extent, but Hope believes the IoT will become an even greater part of gaming culture in the coming years.

Hope is an Arizona native who spent his childhood in Tempe. He attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in finance. He went on to attend ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, where he earned an MBA.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business to learn more: http://inspirery.com/jason-hope/ click here.

What are his keys to success? Keep things basic. If you overthink an idea or concept, you simply waste time and make it more difficult for yourself to succeed. Also, Hope recommends focusing on one business venture at a time. If you’re trying to manage two different projects at the same time you won’t have your full attention on the task at hand.

Hope’s ultimate goal is to help people and corporations embrace and maximize new technological advances as they come. He gives advice and insight about technology to businesspeople and individuals alike, helping each group to modernize their technology in order to maximize efficiency and capitalize on that technology in the future.