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Bob Reina Utilizes Technology to Help Others

Bob Reina is a leader in the field of technology today. He is excited about all of the ways that technology can be utilized to help others in a variety of industries. With his experience in the field, many people look to him for help and advice. Learn more:


Bob Reina recently gave a talk on different areas where technology can make the biggest positive impact in the world. One area that he focused on a lot was healthcare. There are a lot of great things happening in this industry today that can impact the lives of others.



Bob Reina


Bob Reina is someone who has always been interested in new technology ( From the time he was young, he always loved reading about different areas that were changing with new technology.


While he was in school, he learned a lot of different lessons in applied technology. This experience is now helping him in business in different industries when applying new technology. Learn more:



Health Options


The field of healthcare is constantly changing. Bob Reina is a strong believer that technology should be leveraged to help in this area as much as possible. He wants people to understand different ways to use technology in health and wellness.


With new technology coming out every year, people can live more active lifestyles than ever before. Investing in your health is a great way to take your life to a new level. This is what Bob Reina has been encouraging people to do for many years. Learn more:

Andrew Rolfe Helps Raise Over £600,000 to Help Disadvantaged African Children

In a fundraiser gala recently held in London, Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the Ubuntu fund helped raise £603,000 to support disadvantaged children in Africa. About 300 guests were in attendance at the London gala where Andrew Rolfe, the chairman, opened the ceremony. There were several speakers, including some of the fund’s beneficiaries who shared their life stories with the guests. The auction was presided over by British auctioneer Charlie Ross.

Ubuntu Fund’s founder and CEO ended the event with a brief speech. He stressed the importance of providing children with all they need when growing up. Some of this money will be directed towards improving pediatric hospitals associated with Ubuntu education fund’s Port Elizabeth campus and some towards the improvement of the campus itself.

How the Ubuntu education fund is used

The Ubuntu education fund was established in 1999 to provide assistance in the form of education to disadvantaged children in Africa. The charity organization later realized there were other big problems in Africa, such as hunger and HIV. As a result, the organization expanded its operations to provide assistance with issues such as home stability, nutrition, and health on top of helping these kids reach their dreams through education. At the moment, the organization uses its resources to provide assistance to over 400,000 thousand children in sub-Saharan Africa.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe attended his undergraduate studies at Oxford University where he graduated with a degree in economics, politics, and philosophy. Upon completion, he joined Harvard University for an MBA. He is the current president of Gap Inc. under the international division.

Before he joined Gap Inc., Andrew Rolfe was CEO and chairman of a London-based food retailer with operations in the UK, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York City. He is also the director of WH Smith Plc. At Gap Inc., he oversees the company’s operations in Japan, UK, Germany, and France.

Rocketship Education

Located in Redwood City, California, Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools, working in conjunction with educators, parents, and community-based organizations to provide quality education to children from low-income families and English learners. This charter school shares similarity with other privately managed but publicly funded elementary schools. But the school’s approach defies all conventional expectation of a chartered school. For instance, at Rocketship Education, students spend two hours per day on individualized virtual learning of core competencies.

A majority of its teachers hold qualifications from top Ivy League colleges with minimal experience between them. Most are recruited from Teach America’s program using a graduate’s school needs matching scheme. As a result, of the matching system, most teachers end up becoming principals after a few years of practice. Still, the network’s future growth objectives are one of its impressive features. Despite having only seven schools in 2012, the network hopes to expand to over 2,000 schools by 2020. Its expansion program targets 50 cities and a student population of 1 million students. In comparison, this will make Rocketship Education as large as New York City schools.

Learning Design: Leaders and Teachers

At Rocketship Education, leaders and educators act as its most powerful driving force. As such, the school is geared towards providing students with access to quality teaching. Concerning this objective, the school embraces professional development, dedicated coaching, and leadership programs to enhance its teachers and leaders experience. This approach integrates the principles highlighted below:

 Vocational and personal satisfaction. This is achieved by elevating the teaching profession through the provision of stimulating career options. As a result, its leaders, and educators feel valued, appreciated, and empowered.

 Professional development resources. Rocketship Education adopts an approach that employs embedded learning, personalized training, and individualized learning in its regular work day programs.

 Leadership programs. Its program develops leader from within its pool of talent. As such, the center provides its staff with on the job leadership and principal training programs oriented towards long-term career goals.

Rocketship Education’s model fosters a growing community and culture. This is composed of a family of leaders, parents, teachers, and local communities with the goal of eliminating student achievement gaps.

Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Futurist, Philanthropist and Investor

Jason Hope has a long and storied reputation as a futurist–a futurist with passion, skill, ambition and natural skills.

Like so many other enthusiasts, Hope has an burning passion for all things related to technology. Where Hope separates himself from the crowd, however, is that he takes his passion to a higher level than mankind has ever seen.

Hope thought he had a crystal clear picture of the world as it is now, but just as his ideologies began to cement in his brain, he realized that the real challenge to predict the future and hopefully steer it towards a better course of action.

How the world of technology will be integrated into the wilderness in a two decades’ time? “Where exactly is technology headed in future?” Hope knows he has a tough road ahead, as predicting the future is like trying to hit a moving target–and that’s on a good day.

Some people believe the “Internet of Things” is the wave of the future. Others believe we have already entered and are in the midst of the earliest stages of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) phenomenon. Hope believes this will become an increasingly a part of our lives as life goes on—it already is to a large extent, but Hope believes the IoT will become an even greater part of gaming culture in the coming years.

Hope is an Arizona native who spent his childhood in Tempe. He attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in finance. He went on to attend ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, where he earned an MBA.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business to learn more: click here.

What are his keys to success? Keep things basic. If you overthink an idea or concept, you simply waste time and make it more difficult for yourself to succeed. Also, Hope recommends focusing on one business venture at a time. If you’re trying to manage two different projects at the same time you won’t have your full attention on the task at hand.

Hope’s ultimate goal is to help people and corporations embrace and maximize new technological advances as they come. He gives advice and insight about technology to businesspeople and individuals alike, helping each group to modernize their technology in order to maximize efficiency and capitalize on that technology in the future.

Betsy DeVos Looks To End The Zip Code Mentality Of U.S. Education

The U.S. education system has been of concern to myself ever since I had children of my own and saw the issues facing teachers, students, and parents first hand as we all try to give students the best possible chance of obtaining a high-quality education. In my opinion, the appointment of Betsy DeVos to the position of Secretary of Education by President Trump is a move in the right direction as the work of Secretary DeVos should ensure the U.S. public school system moves into the 21st-century after remaining largely unchanged since the middle of the last century; I agree with Secretary DeVos when she revealed her belief in placing the power to create a better public school system would be best served by placing a greater focus on removing the outdated notion that students should be placed in a school solely based on their zip code address.

As a parent, I wish to make sure the school my child attends is the one that best suits the needs of my child and is not simply the only option open because of where we live. A major part of the success I have identified in the work of Betsy DeVos has been her willingness to place her reputation on the line by personally backing reform options she has a great deal of belief in, such as the development of the Detroit charter schools system currently showing higher test scores for students than those attending the traditional Michigan school system. Much like my own opinion of the evolution of the education system in the digital age we all live in, Betsy DeVos has recently been voicing her opinion that the traditional school campus may soon be a thing of the past with increasing numbers of students seeking to utilize the Internet and Web-based learning opportunities to follow a more personalized curriculum based on the interests of the student in the coming years.

Betsy DeVos has grown to become an individual I respect greatly because of the level of support and success she has achieved as an advocate and philanthropist; I also believe the business sense and skill shown by the new Secretary of Education in her work as an investor with The Windquest Group she shares with her billionaire husband, Dick DeVos is of great importance. I have been focused largely on the education reform efforts of Betsy DeVos, but feel her work in backing new technologies in their infancy should be considered as a reason why she is of such great importance to the growing level of support she receives as a backer of efforts to create boxed water and green energy technologies designed to aid in bringing a better quality of life to the people of the world.

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