Fabletics: A Genuine Fashion Brand

It’s getting harder to find genuine brands in any market. So many companies focus on just making money and luring more customers that their products aren’t all that worth it. That’s not the case for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. In just three years, Ms. Hudson grew her business into a $250 million company.

Despite Amazon’s 20 percent control of the entire fashion e-commerce markets, Fabletics has earned itself a spot as one of America’s top high-value brands. Not only does the company have fair prices and good quality products, but it’s also a leader in brand recognition.

There haven’t been too many online brands that successfully transitioned into the real world. Like Apple, Fabletics is finding a way to transfer their online success into physical stores. Fabletics uses a particular strategy, which is enabling them to add to their current 16 stores.

How does Fabletics continue to succeed where others fail? Retail stores seem like a thing of the past now that online shopping and shopping apps are more convenient. So how do Fabletic’s retail stores survive in today’s world? In short, they’ve taken advantage of people browsing habits and welcome them to walk the store.

Many of Fabletic’s stores have events where they get to know the local markets and form relationships. After experiencing a Fabletics store, 25 percent of walk-ins become members in store. Store shoppers also have their online shopping cart linked to their real-world shopping cart.

More to the point, Fabletics is worth at least checking out. One reviewer found that Fabletics is better than she expected. She bought a pair of leggings from Fabletics and they felt just as good, if not better that a pair of Lululemon Underwunders. Even the tops are soft and high quality.

Another amazing point for Fabletics is the countless styles available. Fabletics has everything from simple tops with solid colors to sheer fabrics and bold patterns. In her opinion, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to not find something that they like. She personally loves the capris with the sheer panels.

If anyone is truly interested in joining Fabletics, take the first. Then check out all the amazing prices on all the amazing products. For the same price as one pair of Beyond Yoga leggings, members can get more items from Fabletics.

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