Duda Melzer Takes The Sirotsky Family From Brazil To The U.S.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer usually referred to by his nickname Duda Melzer has spent much of the 21st century exploring the many different options open to him for becoming a successful leader of the media based giant, the RBS Group. After being named as the planned successor to take control of the RBS Group in 2012, Duda Melzer began exploring the many different ventures that are available to the Sirotsky family for achieving success in the media industry and in other areas such as Online retail.

Duda Melzer cannot be accused of being scared of exploring the learning options open to him from various parts of the world, including the U.S. where Duda spent much of his time learning Business Administration at the Harvard School of Business. The education Duda Melzer completed in the U.S. was followed by a period of time working in both the media and investment industries of New York City; the time spent in New York by Duda Melzer appears to have had a major impact on the way he has approached the latest investments he has discovered for the eBricks investment company Duda now heads. Check out Valor to know more.

Over the course of his time in charge of the RBS Group from 2012 onward, Duda Melzer has been working to secure the future of the Sirtsky family who established RBS in the 1950s. The establishment of the eBricks investment company has allowed the Sirotsky family to explore different options and expand their investment portfolio using the skills of Duda Melzer, who has been at the heart of many of the major investments made in technology startups in Latin America and in the U.S.; Duda Melzer is now a leading investment specialist who has led eBricks to become one of the leading investors in the largest Online wine retailer in Latin America. You can subscribe on his YouTube account.

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