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Brian Bonar’s Relentless Efforts Soars Him Higher in the Financial Sector

Brian Bonar is an American based expert in the financial sector. He is undoubtedly qualified, having attended the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He later enrolled at the Staffordshire University for his MBA and Ph.D.

Bonar’s Work History

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar boasts over 30 years’ experience in the financial field. He has worked for several companies in different capacities including among others, QMS Inc., Rastek Corporation, The Solvis Group Inc., and Greenland Corporation. In 1990, Brian Bonar worked at Adaptech Inc. as its global sales manager.

He later moved to Benzier Systems where he served as the Worldwide Sales and Marketing divisions VP for two years.

In August 1992, Bonar started working at Dalrada Financial Group, as the Technology Sales Director. His commitment to his roles saw him rise through the ranks to become VP of Sales and Marketing, after a few months he rose to executive VP, and later to the director where he served as the President cum COO. In 1998, he was named the Board Chairman and the same year he took over the Financial Division of the company.

Dalrada Financial Group

Dalrada specializes in providing employees programs, such as insurance, to companies in different industries with an aim to enhance business success. Its innovative products are based on the unique needs of their clients.

During his tenure at Dalrada, Brian Bonar steered the company in assisting clients to safeguard their assets as well as successfully handle their finances. His passion is reflected in the company’s dedication to develop and provide top-notch aftermarket products. Brian Bonar’s impeccable leadership qualities have created a lasting legacy for Dalrada Financial Group.

Bonar’s Roles and Recognitions

Brian currently wears many hats. Besides his current position at Dalrada Financial group, he has been the chief executive officer and Chairman of Trucept Inc., previously known as Star-Tek Solutions, since 2010.

Brian Bonar is also the CFO cum CEO in an acting capacity for Amanda Co. Inc. His expertise and massive qualification couldn’t go unnoticed as he won the Executive of the Year in Finance in the Cambridge Who’s Who annual list in 2010.

EOS Offers a Tasty Treatment For Cracked Lips

People are often faced with a lot of different issues. Taking care of one’s own lips often gets lost in the shuffle for those that are living hectic lives. After all, when there are plenty of other things that need to get done, some things may get lost in the shuffle. This is especially the case if there is no creativity put into the treatment of dry lips. Fortunately, EOS has outdone Chapstick when it comes to the creativity of treating the lips. For one thing, EOS has taken the time to think about many different solutions to certain factors that may cause people to forget about their lips.

Among the factors that EOS Lip balm have been addressed are the size, shape and flavor of the products. Therefore, they have taken the time to come up with multiple sizes and shapes for taking care of people’s lips. Also, the sizes and shapes make it easier for people to keep track of their items. Therefore, they will have an easier time making sure their lips are moist. They will be less likely to deal with the issues that come with dry lips. For one thing, they will consider applying lip balm to be one of the most important aspects of the day.

One of the most important aspects of the fun of applying lip balm is the flavor. When people taste the products that they apply to their lips, they will find that they will be looking forward to the next time they use the products. They are also very effective because of the Shea butter ingredient that provides deep moisture and rejuvenation to the lips. One is not going to be able to find a reason to not use EOS lip balm. They will only be doing their lips a disservice if they ignore EOS. EOS products are available on Target and Costco nationwide.


The Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre was established in California in 1984. Based in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre additionally maintains branch locations in over 50 cities around the world. This includes major centers in New York, Toronto, and London.

Beyond branch centers, the Kabbalah Centre also facilitates a large number of study groups, also in communities around the globe. Finally, the teachings of the LA Kabbalah Centre an be accessed online as well.

According to the teachings of the Kabbalah, all primary spiritual and religious beliefs represent what can best be described as specific branches of universal wisdom. The overall effect of this belief is that Kabbalah and its associated spirituality is similar to that of major religious practices like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Kabbalah also has a connect to new-age teachings. Because of this connection, the Kabbalah Centre does not consider itself an alternative to any religion practice. Rather, the Kabbalah Centre considers its practices and teachings to be a supplement to other religious practices.

A primary teaching of the Kabbalah Centre is that a person should primarily be concerned with their relationship to what is described as the essence of God as opposed to God himself. Kabbalah teaches that God himself is beyond comprehension. According to the Kabbalah Centre, the essence of God is referred to as the Kabbalah teachings of Light.

Another important tenant of the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre and of Kabbalah is that the five senses only provide a person access to 1 percent of reality. The remaining 99 percent of reality cannot be accessed by the senses and must be connected with through the practices associated with Kabbalah and its associated spirituality.

The Kabbalah Centre has a strong connection to astrology. The Kabbalah Centre maintains that Judaism has always had a strong connection to astrology throughout history.

Flavio Maluf Makes Environmentally Friendly His New Mission

Eucatex Group of Companies is one of the most proficient firms in Brazil. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most innovative companies in Brazil at In the recent past, the company has received numerous awards because of their keenness to conserve the environment for the future generations. According to a recent studying among businesses in the country on, Eucatex Group of Companies was ranked among one of the best companies to work in. For Eucatex Group of Companies, they engage in the production of materials which are very resourceful in all management partitions. This is a major concern in the development of different materials can be seen on

During the time the company was incepted in 1951 in Brazil, there were no laws which determined practices which should be followed to protect and conserve the environment for future generations. For this reason, Flavio Maluf decided to go to the forefront and preserve the environment through their exclusive practices. Eucatex Group of Companies has worked to satisfy the needs of numerous homes in the country with their products. As a matter of fact, the company has also started selling products for the large construction companies based in Brazil and out of the company with their high-end products.

Eucalyptus is one of the best materials used by Eucatex Group of Companies to produce their products to the world. For more than 50 years of professional experience, Eucatex Group of Companies and Flavio Maluf has worked to stay at the forefront in the Brazilian business as one of the most proficient companies. For the company, they export most of their products to other parts of the worked including Australia, Singapore, the United Sates, and the United Kingdom. They have also worked to create a better environment for the country and the future generation through the plantation of numerous trees in the country.

Eucatex Group of Companies on has always been aware of the serious threats the country can be exposed to if they failed to conserve the environment. For this reason, they chose to take a direction which would have less effect on the environment while upholding the rule of nature. This is why Eucatex Group of Companies is the best.

George Soros Has A History Of Humanitarian Endeavors

George Soros well established as a man who is celebrated for his interests in helping to uphold the extremely laborious responsibilities that are often crucial to be carried out by legal experts on, who work diligently to set free thousands of incarcerated citizens who have been unjustly put away. George Soros is very deeply devoted to giving out large sums of his money in an effort to lend a hand to a great many disadvantaged students who very much want to enter into a university, students that find themselves to be so incredibly desperate because all too often they cannot accomplish any financing for pursuing their academic interests on

From his deep strides to be seen as an established humanitarian, Mr. Soros made a lasting impression on society. In fact, George has gone off the beaten path to make available billions in financial support, to make certain that several industries that are known to have been impoverished because of their financial hardships, now have the backing they require to succeed. George Soros has gone the extra mile to deliver his financial aid to those people who have demonstrated that they suffer from an inadequacy of income to even sustain their basic necessities. In fact, if someone has shown that they truly desire to keep discrimination’s harmful reach away from others, Mr. Soros will be there to assist them in funding their just cause. The very same can be said for those intending to defend the human rights of the people in their community. It can be said that any effort that is raged against an evident wrong doing can rest easy knowing that Mr. Soros will be there to assist with the fight. This includes the fight against the campaign labeled inappropriately as “War on Drugs,” which is something that Mr. Soros is adamantly opposed to.

Soros has tried to make sure that worthy candidates for President of the Unites States made it through successfully by providing a great many millions of dollars of his money to help Hillary Clinton during her difficult campaign for the White House.

Mr. George Soros is among the preponderance of the individuals who accept as true that Mr. Trump should not be viewed as a true President because his obvious desire while he claims the office is to force attention onto his brand name properties which he has accumulated before he made his bid for the Presidency.

Mr. Soros is very familiar with such men, those who have cheated their way into powerful political roles for the sake of their own personal glory, men the likes of Adolf Hitler, whom George escaped from as a youth living in Hungary, avoiding the dreaded Holocaust. Read the story on Investopedia.

Exploring The Contribution of Clay Siegall To Cancer Research


Research aimed at delivering new ways of treating cancer has been on for many years. In the past decade, many companies in the pharmaceutical industry have pumped more funds and energy into cancer research and their objective has been to come up with a reliable technology that can make cancer treatment easier and more successful. Among these companies is Seattle Genetics, a company that has proved to offer modern solutions to the development of the industry. Seattle Genetics has been funding and pursuing research to unveil new treatment methods for cancer.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, who also co-founded the company, Seattle Genetics has managed to release different drug pipelines like ADCETRIS, which has recorded a lot of success across the world. Most importantly, Seattle Genetics developed the ADC Technology, whose focus is discriminating cells while treating cancer to ensure only infected cells are eliminated.

The traditional radiation method of killing cancer cells does not effectively achieve this as it also kills cells that are healthy, thereby weakening the patient further. ADC will ensure patients are not exposed to the risk of losing healthy cells while receiving treatment. Seattle Genetics has also been able to invite other companies to support the development of superior drug pipelines and technologies that could help them to achieve a milestone in cancer treatment.

About Clay Siegall

Clay B. Siegall, the founder, CEO and President of Seattle Genetics, is a clinical scientist, whose passion in medicine has motivated him to invest more into cancer research and the development of treatment options that are geared towards enhancing treatment practices. His company has been sponsoring research in this field and over the past 10 years, they unveiled several products, among them the ADC Technology, which allows for better ways of treating cancer.

He also expressed satisfaction in the introduction of ADCETRIS to be part of the drug pipelines the company produces to support cancer treatment. Clay Siegall acquired a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the Maryland University and a PhD in Genetics from Washington University. Prior to launching Seattle Genetics, he served at the National Institute of Health.


Rona Borre Is Changing The Chicago Tech Industry


                    Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance

Changing The Face Of Tech

The tech industry is often thought of as male dominated and elitist, but Rona Borre is doing everything she can to change that image. Through her work at Instant Alliance she helps companies in the tech and finance industries find workers from diverse background sin order to fill positions when needed. Her work isn’t the easiest work out there, but it is work that is needed and she does her job as well as she can.  Hit



How Instant Alliance Does This

The Instant Alliance is a human resources company specializing in finding the right tech workers for various in demand jobs. The hiring process is much more complicated than it seems. Looking at a resume can give you a glossary look at the qualifications of an individual, but it doesn’t tell the entire store. In order to understand everything about an individual you need to look deeper into their background. Instant Alliance looks at candidates and makes sure these are people who can work in teams and matches them with the companies that need them.  Based on


About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance and a strong supporter of diversity in the workforce. Her work at Instant Alliance helps job applicants with the right qualifications find the jobs they want and fulfill those positions. She understands the tech industry is booming and there is a need to find people who can fill these positions and help the industry advance.

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