Tips From An Expert On How To Stay On Top Of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is not rocket science. You can take your online reputation into your own hands. Here are some tips below from an online reputation management expert that you can put in place to boost the image of your brand or yourself on the web.

The first tip from reputation management expert Don Sorensen is to approach online reputation management with a proactive attitude. This means you should not wait until a reputation crisis or scandal happens to work on your online reputation. You need to build up your reputation ahead of time and create a buffer against any attacks you may encounter. If you have taken the time to build up your online presence and protect your online reputation, any negative push back against you will be minimized or as a saying goes a drop in the bucket.

Social media is a big player in forming one’s online reputation these days says Don Sorenson. Go ahead and set up as much social media accounts as you can states Don. They tend to rank high in search engine results and can really help build credibility to your name and drown out negative results on the web. You should constantly update social media accounts. This helps them stay on the top of search engine results. Social media also allows you to populate the web with positive content about your brand or yourself. This is another way to help drown out the bad press out there about you. Social media is also a great way to interact with customers and publish new information and releases.

Owning domain names that have to do with your name or business is another smart idea. You do not want a website that has your name or your company name be populated with garbage or negative information. In the worse case, a jealous person or even a competitor may take the domain name and purposely try to create a negative or false image. Prevent this from happening by buying domains of your name or those that are relevant to your business. Then build them up and optimize them. Include positive and informative content to build up your reputation and credibility.