Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues Support of Internet of Things

Arizona's Jason Hope The Internet of Things is a growing theory and prediction about the future of mankind and technology. The Internet of Things prediction concludes that the amount of internet-based products used by the average consumer will continue to increase dramatically in the next few decades. The theory essentially predicts that the average person will have dozens of products that they use on a daily basis that have Internet connectivity and that much of the data that is gathered will be shared and analyzed for a variety of purposes.

While the Internet of Things is still growing in popular with the masses, there are some people that have believed in the theory for years. One person that has supported the Internet of Things theory is Jason Hope, who is an entrepreneur, investor, and futurist, lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area and has been a proponent of the theory for years. He has stated that there is already obvious evidence of these trends as more and more people have started using smart products and high-tech gadgets on a regular basis. He believes that within the next decade, almost all of your products and appliances will use Internet connectivity.

Jason Hope has been a proponent of the movement and theory for years, but it still remains to be seen what exactly the next big improvement will be. However, with the recent improvement in phones, watches, and appliances, it will definitely be in the consumer goods industry. Hope has written in his blog that all investors should focus a portion of their investment portfolio by investing in companies that are looking to build high-tech product or advance existing ones as they have a lot of potential for growth.

While Jason Hope has invested in a lot of small organizations that are looking to make some new products, he has also looked to provide money necessary to help the advancement of medical sciences. Hope has given over $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, which is involved in developing nanotechnology to help combat a variety of diseases. The company is currently focused on providing technology that could help to beat a variety of age-related diseases.

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