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Josh Verne’s Tips on how to achieve success in life and business

Be a leader, rather than a boss

A business person may fall in either of two categories – a boss, or a leader. A boss relies on his title to realize his goals, demands respect and always pursues his best interests. On the other hand, a leader earns, instead of demanding respect. He puts the needs of his people before his. He relies on the respect he has earned to achieve the set goals he sets together with his team. Anyone who wishes to succeed in both business and life must aspire to become a leader. Don’t impose your will on others, and most importantly, earn their respect.


Speak less, and listen more

The point is as straightforward as it reads. There is a reason you have two ears and one mouth. Speaking less adds power to your words. Speaking less makes you sound authoritative. Furthermore, people will always be willing to listen to you whenever you have something to say.


Always look forward to win-win outcomes

Truly successful people never agree to a win-lose deal. Always aim for a win-win outcome for your employees, clients, and everybody else in the society. Irrespective of how hopeless a situation appears, there is always a way to create a win for every party. This principle will go a long way in skyrocketing your business, your reputation, and your team in a manner that compares to none.


Aim to strike a balance in life

Leading a successful life is dependent on how well you can strike a balance. Make sure that your family, your finances, your health and your home life are in order. Balance entails witnessing progress in all the areas of your life. It is about seeking improvement in all the aspects of your life on a daily basis.


Discover your passion

Anyone who wants to succeed must establish what their passion is. Discover that one thing that that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and work hard. It should be something that excites you – something that makes you want to skip parties, a reason to work late in the night or wake up early.


About Josh Verne

He is an American entrepreneur and businessman with over 20 years experience in establishing, growing and selling businesses. Together with his childhood best friend Jon Dorfman, Verne cofounded in 2012, an online based company that deducts purchases from the payroll. The firm was then sold to Global Analytics Holdings two years later. In 2016, Josh Verne founded where he serves as the CEO. The Pennsylvania-based company provides peer to peer content exchange among the college students.




Getting Gooee LED Lights for Your Home

When you think of your electricity bill each month, you probably think of how expensive it is and how ridiculous it can be for your current budget. Gooee offers a variety of LED lighting options that you will find incredibly beneficial for the home. Because of the fact that LED lighting can save you lots of money, many homeowners as well as businesses are actually making the switch. It is very important that you look into switching to LED lighting because of the fact that this helps you and get you exactly what you need at the current moment in time.

LED lighting has a variety of different benefits that you will find incredibly advantageous for you and your home. One of the benefits that comes from switching to Gooee LED lighting is that you will find a variety of reasons why a lot of homeowners have done this themselves. For one, he will be able to save a ton of money simply by using LED lighting within the home. You are also going to find that LED lighting is a lot more long-lasting than any other type of light bulb that you have used in the past and this is why many people save money simply by not having to switch out the light bulbs as often as they would anything else. When you are deciding on LED lighting for yourself, it is very important that you consider Gooee as the company of your choosing so that you know you are going with a professional product.

Handy Inc. Shows How Startups Have a Rough Road to Profits

Startups have it rough. Finding the balance between growth and profit is tricky. That is something the on-demand home cleaning startup knows all too well. The company had a rough start. Since the company started in a time when investors were eager to find new markets, the company was able to find ample venture capitalists to help back them up.

But this still managed to pose some problems for the company. Handy was trying out some new business models, and those models caused some problems, both for them and their investors. The new service made it easy for customers or schedule a home cleaning session, and a lot of people made appointments. Far more than the company could provide for. This made growth impossible and profits unattainable. Not a good situation to be in when the company has so much riding on it.

But Handy’s two founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, stuck it out through the worst of it. Switching to chatbots for their call centers and laying off employees was rough, and switching to outsourced call centers was not pleasant either. Both both were necessary evils. Thanks to constant efforts, limiting growth and freely spending their hard earned money, Handy eventually took a turn for the better. While it still has not attained sustainable profits quite yet, it is well on its way towards reaching that coveted goal among startups.


Waiakea’s Different Way Of Doing Things

Waiakea has gained a lot of success and popularity over three years. One of the major attributes to its popularity is that it just does things differently. Therefore, people are going to be more curious about what Waiakea is doing. Therefore, they are willing to buy Waiakea water.

One thing that they will find out is that drinking water from Waiakea water is not going to benefit just themselves, but plenty of other people as well. For one thing, Waiakea is involved with many different causes that are meant to bring positive changes to the world. Therefore, people are only doing everyone favors when they drink from Waiakea.

Among the goals that Waiakea has is getting everyone to drink ethically. Waiakea water has partnered with Pump Aid in order to make donations of clean water. For one thing, Waiakea makes donations of 650 liters of clean water for every liter of Waiakea spring water sold.

This is one way that the company shows that it is passionate about helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. For one thing, people are faced with a lot of health issues that could’ve been avoided if one takes the time to drink water. Fortunately, the water that Waiakea offers helps people get into the habit of drinking more water.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water has been focused on three things, sustainability, ethics, and health. Therefore, they have not only gained a lot of customers for their products, but they have also shown that they are some of the more trustworthy people.

This is another reason that people are more eager to drink water from this company. For one thing, they know that they should drink more water. However, they have a hard time managing that because of different reasons that are fixed with Waiakea.

One thing that could be said about Waiakea water is that it also tastes good. The great taste is what gets people wanting to drink more water as opposed to drinking other things like soda.

This will hydrate them without introducing them into any bad elements that could cancel out all of the benefits they would’ve gotten from Waiakea.

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Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues Support of Internet of Things

Arizona's Jason Hope The Internet of Things is a growing theory and prediction about the future of mankind and technology. The Internet of Things prediction concludes that the amount of internet-based products used by the average consumer will continue to increase dramatically in the next few decades. The theory essentially predicts that the average person will have dozens of products that they use on a daily basis that have Internet connectivity and that much of the data that is gathered will be shared and analyzed for a variety of purposes.

While the Internet of Things is still growing in popular with the masses, there are some people that have believed in the theory for years. One person that has supported the Internet of Things theory is Jason Hope, who is an entrepreneur, investor, and futurist, lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area and has been a proponent of the theory for years. He has stated that there is already obvious evidence of these trends as more and more people have started using smart products and high-tech gadgets on a regular basis. He believes that within the next decade, almost all of your products and appliances will use Internet connectivity.

Jason Hope has been a proponent of the movement and theory for years, but it still remains to be seen what exactly the next big improvement will be. However, with the recent improvement in phones, watches, and appliances, it will definitely be in the consumer goods industry. Hope has written in his blog that all investors should focus a portion of their investment portfolio by investing in companies that are looking to build high-tech product or advance existing ones as they have a lot of potential for growth.

While Jason Hope has invested in a lot of small organizations that are looking to make some new products, he has also looked to provide money necessary to help the advancement of medical sciences. Hope has given over $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, which is involved in developing nanotechnology to help combat a variety of diseases. The company is currently focused on providing technology that could help to beat a variety of age-related diseases.

For more information, connect with Jason Hope on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Financial titan George Soros helping misplaced refugees

George Soros is one of the most powerful financial titans in the Democratic party. One of the many issues close to him is the migrant refugees stuck in the United States of America. Recently Soros has begun funneling $500 million into migrant and refugee founded businesses. He is hoping other financial investors will do the same. He wrote an op-ed emphasizing that nations are failing to see the whole picture when greater integration is allowed.

George Soros points out the country has failed to develop and implement policies to handle the sudden increased flow of migrants and refugees, leading to great political instability, both in the countries that host them as well as the countries they are from. Soros agrees that government should play a large part in creating and providing adequate infrastructure, but also the private sector should have a hand in this as well. George Soros made this announcement during a United Nations summit.

George Soros decision to invest $500 million on opportunities that address the needs of migrants, refugees, and the countries migrants relocate to, comes after President Obama’s administration called for major U.S. companies to play a bigger role in the current refugee crisis. Soros will now invest in established companies, startups, and social initiatives started by migrants and refugees, all by themselves.

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George Soros says his new nonprofit-owned investments will complement his group’s contributions that cover various industries, including emerging technology. George Soros believes his new project will allow displaced people gain access more quickly to government, legal, financial and health services. Private businesses have already invested billions to develop services for non-refugee communities.

Soros believes the private sector can play a major role helping those displaced migrants and refugees who are desperate for work. Soros will be working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee. Soros’ goal for this project is to harness for the migrant and refugee community, the the advancements that are specialized within the private sector.

George Soros’ foundation “The Open Society” will be in charge of the funds, any profits made will go to the foundation’s migrant and refugee programs, which even include community centers in Greece and initiatives to help Syrian refugees. Soros has previously sent gifts to organizations that support immigrants including the Migration Policy Institute and the National Immigration Law Center, as well as super PAC’s that work towards mobilizing voters within minority communities.

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Madison Street Capital Chicago Has Something for You

The services offered by Madison Street Capital are welcome news to publicly and privately held business ventures. The international repute enjoyed by this company springs from the integrity it observes in its transactions with clients. At the same time the company also values excellence in in order to remain competitive in the banking industry. There are a number of services that are offered by Madison Street Capital as below described.



To retain a good Madison Street Capital’s reputation, we strive to offer our clients services that are fitting to their needs and aspirations. In offering such a customized approach to service delivery, we know that each client gets exactly what they came to us for. Opportunities in the market are capricious as ever, but with us by your side you are sure to get the best deal and to capitalize on chances propelling your investment forward.



Our areas of specialization include: structuring deals, market pricing, specialized financing, due diligence and implementation. Having grown from the good work we have had here in America, we have other offices in Asia and in Africa. The idea to expand is in response to the market available in these other continents. By venturing to other continents we have a strong understanding of the dynamics in other areas other than our home country alone. None of our clients can complain of delays in service delivery.



Apart from offering these banking services, we are cheerful givers. Our philanthropy is seen through organizations such as united way. We are keen to give back to the community as part of our corporate responsibility commitment.



Service Rendered



The areas mentioned above: deal structuring, specialized financing, market pricing among others are summarized under the core services we offer. These core services include: corporate advisory, asset management, wealth preservation, financial option assessment, tax planning and valuation in times of financial reporting.



Wealth and Tax



When businesses are keen on growing, almost to the level of unicorns in the Silicon Valley, we help with planning and wealth building. Here we are keen to include tax planning as many businesses find this to be their Achilles heel.



Valuation and Reporting



We give advice in matters of solvency, capital adequacy and third party views on fairness. We also have restructuring advice, merging pointers and advice on acquisition. At Madison, clients can be assisted with portfolio valuation. We offer other services like: purchase price determination, and share compensation.






Under our corporate advisory services we offer capital restructuring services and private placement assistance. We also have other services such as merging assistance and take overs as well. We help businesses in valuation and in matters of tax. We also offer advisory in times of buyouts and reorganization services are also offered.


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Gain Financial Freedom With A Leading Dallas Based Online Banking Institution

John Holt, CEO and president of NexBank, is committed to bringing his customers nationwide savings and innovative promotional offers. Nexbank are based in Dallas, Texas and are becoming one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry. A recent PRN Newswire article has reported the significant programs that are being initiated by NexBank and promoting financial freedom for the general public. There are over, 568,000+ customers in the local area, associated with NexBank. They have partnered with unconventional leading professionals to improve their program and services. In fact, Holt is interested in hiring top executives, who can lend their creative ideas, to the growth of NexBank.

You also have the opportunity to become a first time homeowner through their homebuyer’s program. You have to be a low income resident, living in the Dallas area, and working at least 30 hours a week. NexBank is committed to serving the needs of the local Dallas area and has created a homebuyer’s program through a merger with Habitat For Humanity. They have provided millions of dollars, in resources and finances, towards the program. You’ll be glad that you can receive low monthly mortgage payments and low interest rates. NexBank is there to back you 100% with your financial investment.

NexBank Banking Features

– Free direct deposit
– Free online bill pay
– Free checks
– Money market accounts
– IRA accounts
– Mortgage accounts
and much more…

You will have a knowledgeable customer service representative there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get help with your account when it matters the most. In fact, if you’re simply managing your account you can access your account from any device including your smartphone or tablet. Join the leading banking professionals, to save more of your money today.

Why WEN By Chaz Might Interest You

You’ve probably seen many commercials about hair conditioners that seem to put the perfect touch on hair that can make it smooth, wavy and shiny. While there are some tremendous choices out there you shouldn’t ignore, not all conditioners get the job done right. Some conditioners are good for some hair, while others may be more preferable for other types of hair. There is one conditioner you may want to try if you really want hair that does what you want and doesn’t make a mess everywhere. It’s not simply the actors on commercial that recommend this brand, WEN by Chaz, even a user at tried it out and had some good things to say about it.

WEN Hair by Chaz is meant to be for hair that gets messy real easily and lacks that feeling of thickness and fullness. This product line comes with different choices and scents, depending on what your preference is, and you can buy individual shampoo or conditioner bottles, or buy a whole kit. When you apply this conditioner to your hair in the shower, you’ll start to feel it have more thickness and users have said it hasn’t left as many strands of hair on the shower floor. Now, how often you have to use this conditioner may depend on your hair type, and your daily routine. But more users than not have reported that it left their hair feeling softer, smoother, and even shinier.

WEN by Chaz was started by Chaz Dean (, a photographer who loved capturing people’s figures, but especially had a love for beautiful hair. So he started up his own brand of shampoo, conditioners and other products and that’s how the WEN by Chaz product was born. He even owns a salon in Hollywood and many celebrities come there to get their hair done. His products have been advertised on QVC, and you can buy them online or at select retailers like eBay, Sephora and Guthy-Renker.


ClassDojo App Changing The Way Teachers And Parents Meet

For many family generations, the way that teachers and parents have met to discuss the progress of children in school is by the traditional parent and teacher meeting. This meeting was usually held once or twice a year to go over the progress of the children in school. While the meetings have many positive aspects, the additional time requirements placed on teachers as well as parents have made the number of these meetings few and far between.

Although the teacher and parent physical meetings have certain limitations based on the need to meet in person. This method of teacher and parent meetings continues to be the main way that teachers and parents continue to meet.

With the use of technology becoming more and more common in schools, various companies have begun to provide options to the traditional parent and teacher meetings that have been conducted for generations. One of the companies that is bringing an option to schools regarding teacher and parent meetings to discuss children school progress is ClassDojo.

The company currently has a communication app out on the market that provides a communication platform for schools to use related to teacher and student school activities. Teachers can upload grades, homework, videos, photos, and other school related material using the app. Students can go to the app to view grades, view homework, upload homework, share videos, share photos, and other related activities. For parents, the app allows parents to view all materials related to their children attending the school and communicate with the teachers regarding their children.

The Class Dojo app allows parents and teachers to communicate in this manner whenever desired. With the app, parents can stay informed of their children’s progress on a regular basis. If parents have any questions or need input from teachers, this can be done through the communication app.

Recently ClassDojo received funding in the amount of 21 million dollars to continue enhancements to the communication app. The enhancements that ClassDojo will focus on regarding the app will bring more features and capabilities to the app along with stronger technology at the core of the communication platform.

Schools have been using technology in almost every aspect of schools for many years. One of the few areas where technology has not been used prominently is in the area of teacher and parent communication. With the ClassDojo app, many schools will have the option to use the app instead of depending solely on the traditional teacher and parent in person meetings.