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Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson is an iconic actress, fashion tastemaker and the co-founder of Fabletics. As an organization, Fabletics deals with promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as designing clothes that inspire different women from different walks of life. The organization also fosters a community of people who embrace its mantra, which is “live your passion every day”.

Founded in the year 2013, Fabletics penetrated the market at a time when a good number of luxury brands had made a name for themselves. The only difference between these brands and Fabletics was the fact that these other brands were offering their products at a much higher price. Having the opportunity to showcase their talents and inspiration, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg joined hands to create the Fabletics brand and organization. In a span of only two years, Fabletics has expanded from an e-commerce site to a huge reputable company with a total of six retail shops nationwide.

Fabletics success and mission attracted the interest of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) who asked Kate Hudson to join hands with them in improving the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer program (FTBCP). The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Fund (FTBCF) aids women with breast cancer by providing them with grants as well as supporting low-income earners suffering from the disease.

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Established in 1996 by Ralph Lauren, FTBC has also made a name for itself as the global leader in the fashion industry. Apart from this, FTBC is among the leading companies that promote cancer awareness in the world. The company which is currently endowed by the CFDA Foundation has also joined hands with The New York Community Trust to form a grant-making program that specializes in breast cancer screening, survival, and treatment. The CFDA organization is a UK-based campaign group that funds breast cancer research and works with its industry members to support those affected by the disease. According to Steven Kolb, CFDA CEO, the organization is more than excited to have Kate Hudson on board. According to Steve Kolb, Kate Hudson is the perfect ambassador for the cause since she perfectly understands the importance fashion, and how much of an influence fashion can have on philanthropic endeavors for the benefits of the entire community.

To honor the collaboration, Fabletics debuted an FTBC branded outfit on the 28th of September during the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. The Fabletics organization is also planning to host its own FTBC event, with a share of the proceeding going towards the campaign’s programs. As it stands, the brand expects to hit $150 million in revenue by the end of this year, a clear indication of just how much the company has grown since its foundation.

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) Loans Provision Programs

Al Christy, Jr. founded the banking firm, Equities First Holdings (EFH) in 2001. Its role is to provide capital to start-up business ideas with an aim to elevate the lives personal and professional lives of their clients.

The capital is provided to beginning entrepreneurs without a typical loan qualifications is based on the stock traded on the public.

EFH is an international company that provides the money from their worldwide traded stocks. It has branches in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

The company has a net worth of more than $1.4 million with over 650 transactions.

EFH aims to provide high loans with a consistent low-interest rate.

EFH has an annual growth rate of 30%.Since 2012, the international staff has increased by over 50%

The bank has solid relationships with the other leading banks and legal firms globally

Equities First have maintained its lending opportunities while most banks have revised the capacity that they can lend. The loans provided are margin and stock-based loans. Equity has given a rare opportunity to entrepreneurs who cannot afford to borrow loans on credit.

Christy, the CEO, cites that stock-based loans are more convenient for ensuring working security to the individual.

He adds that while capital loans and margins loans are regularly marked as identical, there are notable differences between them. An individual who has qualified earns margin loan. There are restrictions on the decided venture for the money. The loan ratios of a margin loan vary between 50% and 10%.During the transaction period, a margin call may cause sudden termination of the borrower’s collateral. The difference with a stock-based loan is that there is no restriction on what the money. The interest rate is also variable. The loan to value ratio is 50%-75%. The borrower is free to terminate the transaction If the collateral stock is reduced

Christy noted that EFH provides an integral and transparent business relationship that adheres to advice from legal and trading firms. He encourages people to consider the stock-based loan because EFH will return stocks after a transaction’s maturity and attend to all other concerns.

Talk Fusion: Helping Your Business Grow

For those that use Talk Fusion, they are not surprised to hear that it has upgraded its video chat feature and it allows for people to track their business even more and see how it is growing and see all of the wonderful things it is doing. According to this link,, it does not matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, someone can use this new upgraded video chat to communicate with someone. When it comes to running a business, communication is a big part of it, as is staying on top of things, as mentioned. They need to be in the loop at all times.

One of the great things about Talk Fusion is it allows people the chance to work from home and all of the luxuries that come with that such as never missing a baseball game from their children and always being there. However, there is also a time when someone has to hunker down and really focus on the business and make sure it is running smoothly and all systems are moving in a positive direction. With this new video chat, they can do that. They have just made it better and more advanced.

Talk Fusion, of course, is the company that a lot of people are jumping on board with, especially now that they are offering thirty-day free trials. Once they see the video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences, they will see that dream of running a business and working from home is no longer just a dream. It can become part of their day-to-day life and they can start living life the right way. They will leap out of bed in the morning as they will be over the moon excited about what their business is doing and communicating with everyone that believes in it and is a part of it.

People will see a brand new person. They will see a person that is happy, excited, and full of life. That is all because of Talk Fusion and the work they have put into their business to see it blossom.

Naomi Campbell Is One Of The Best Models In The Business

Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous models in the history of the world, and she has been relevant for a long time in the fashion industry. She is one of the guiding lights in the industry because she has opened doors for young black people to join the industry many times over. She is inspiring a lot of people to come into the industry, and she wants to show people that they have a chance to be in fashion just like she was. She is one of the best in the industry, and she knows that someone can learn to work in fashion in one of many places.

The models that are trying to get into the industry, and there are a lot of people who are trying to get into the fashion world just like she did. She knew that she could be a role model for other girls, but she also wanted to be sure that a woman who had dark skin could see herself in nice clothes. That was something that women had not seen much, and she was so popular that everyone saw her.

Someone who has been watching the fashion world for a long time already knows the name of Naomi Campbell, and they are not missing her even today. She is involved in design and modeling even now because she is respected by so many people. The name that she has fashioned for herself in the industry has been used many times over to help people get into the fashion business. Naomi Campbell has proven that she is still a strong force where models and clothes are concerned. People can see her in ads, and they will learn that she is reaching out to kids to help make all their dreams come true.

DIVERSANT LLC Opens a New Office in Dallas, Texas

DIVERSANT LLC, a fast rising IT staffing company in America, opened its eleventh office in Dallas, Texas, in February 2016. As the biggest African-American owned firm in the U.S., DIVERSANT LLC deals with IT consultancy and staffing solutions. The new office location will serve the company’s growing markets in Dallas and its surrounding areas – and will be based at 320 Decker Drive, Irvin, TX, 75062. Michael Pendleton was appointed the new Managing Director.

DIVERSANT Chairman, John Goullet, said that the new office location in Dallas, Texas, speaks volumes about the company’s demand and quality service delivery. The firm has managed to build an outstanding track record in the national marketplace for more than ten years. DIVERSANT has grown at a fast rate having closed 2015 with strong financial results. It posted a 50 percent revenue increment and an unprecedented 60 percent gross profit margin. Goullet added the firm plans to open more offices in 2017 with Raleigh, North Carolina, being the next planned location.

DIVERSANT CEO, Gene Waddy, said that the company was excited to open an IT staffing office to serve its Dallas, Texas, clientele. The new office will offer temporary, direct hire, and contract-to-hire IT staffing needs. These systems help IT professionals build rewarding careers.

DIVERSANT Chairman, John Goullet

John Goullet is an alumnus of Ursinus College and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience for over 35 years in the IT industry. After graduating from college in 1983, Goullet became a computer consultant before working as an IT staffing executive. In 1994, he founded Info Technologies after gaining in-depth knowledge of the IT staffing world.

He steadily grew Info Technologies from a small start-up into a $30 million company. He specialized in looking for innovative solutions that meet the growing demands of the IT staffing industry. Info Technologies was cited twice by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America. In 2010, John Goullet and Gene Waddy agreed to merge their two companies to form DIVERSANT LLC. Today, DIVERSANT is one of the highest grossing IT staffing companies in the U.S.

Middlesex County Improvement Authority Misses Payment

Recently, it was announced that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority missed a $1 million payment on its $20 million loan. This loan was furnished by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority for the construction of the Heldrich building. This building went up in 2005 and is a valuable location in the New Brunswick area. The Heldrich building serves as a hotel but also hosts many high profile conferences and events throughout the year. The missed payment represents a concerning trend over the past 5 years that has led to over $7 million total in missed payments. If this pattern continues, many citizens worry that the growing amount owed will start to impact the essential construction and emergency services that keep the city safe. Attorney Chris Paladino assured the concerned citizens that the loan will be repaid in full but that it will take “a couple years.”

The New Brunswick Development Company, also known as DEVCO, represents the latest in the development of urban real estate. The non-profit corporation has developed an impressive track record of reclaiming some of the most dilapidated sectors of the New Brunswick area and transforming them into attractive real estate sites in the city. Since its inception, the New Brunswick Development Company has invested more than $1.5 billion in new infrastructure in the New Brunswick area. Its success in raising capital has fueled the revitalization of New Brunswick. This influx of construction has brought new companies to the New Jersey area. The increase in jobs has helped the city survive the toughest of economic times. Furthermore, New Brunswick Development Company was recently recognized by the New York Times for its success. The secret is constant building. When one project finishes, multiple other projects are already underway. With the constant construction, New Brunswick is changing for the better.

Drastic increase in Sales thanks to a White Shark

We have never experienced the growth in leads and conversion to sales as we have since White Shark Media came on board.“- Jim Frank, Valley City Metals


If you are interested in drastically increasing your business’s ad presence, traffic, conversions, and sales then consider looking into White Shark Media. They are a company that has successfully helped small to medium sized businesses noticeably increase their online presence. This in turn means more customers/conversions on and off line.


White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs with a vision to conquer the growing SMB market in the US and Latin America. They are experts of leveraging ad words to gain traffic and online influence. If you don’t already know, Adwords is a keyword based advertising service Google provides to businesses that allows them to display their own ads on Google and its advertising network. The benefits of gaining a presence on Google’s advertising network are obviously huge.


Impressively, White Shark Media has served their clients so successfully in the past few years that they were approved by and met Google’s strictest training and eligibility requirements. On top of that they were awarded the Google Adwords premier SMB partnership in July 2014. An honor reserved for a privileged few.


 White Shark Media uses a combination of effective techniques and high end technology to help out their clients. They successfully track all their clients’ efforts in detail by using keyword call tracking, google analytics, and competitive intelligence reporting software. Along with all of this they possess a helpful and professional bilingual staff. Plus, they don’t keep all the proven concepts to themselves. Being a company that believes sharing is caring, they happily help their clients learn and benefit from them as well. Instead of leaving them to wonder in the dark.


As one of the fastest growing digital agencies in America, you can be sure they will continue to impress for years to come.


Venezuelan Songstress Norka Luque Is Making An Impact In The Music World

The fast moving music business waits for no one. Musicians may be on top of the world one year and forgotten the next. Music executives like to stir the pot of talent that comes and goes like a summer thunderstorm, so audiences don’t get bored. Boredom is the kiss of death in the music world. Staleness is another trait that ruins the careers of musicians. In order to stay in the limelight, musicians must constantly reinvent themselves and their musical expressions. No one knows that better than 30-year-old Norka Luque. Norka has been reinventing herself for the last 15 years.



Luque was born in Venezuela, but her parents left the country when Hugo Chavez was the president. The Luque’s realized that Norka had talent when she performed in a musical in Caracas when she was eight-years-old. Norka’s parents knew they had to leave their homeland so Norka could get the kind of musical education she wanted and needed. Norka spent years developing her singing style, but her parents wanted her to continue her education in France before she went into the music industry full time. Norka spent four years in France. During that time, she earned a degree in business as well as a degree in fashion and the culinary arts. The business world was intriguing, so when the opportunity to work in Monte Carlo was offered, she took it.



Norka left the band she joined when she went to work in Monte Carlo. The band, Bad Moon Rising, had a dance cult-type following, and Norka was considered the main maven in that dance world. But she wanted to use what she learned in France before she made the decision to move back to Florida and work in the music industry. The decision to move back to Ft. Lauderdale was made in 2007 at a Ricky Martin concert. Martin was one of Norka’s childhood idols. Norka realized she could be on that stage someday if she made the effort.



Moving to the Miami area wasn’t hard because her family was still living in Ft. Lauderdale. Norka wanted to develop a following in the Latino clubs along South Beach, and that’s what she did. Luque’s voice, style, as well as her beautiful looks and spirit turned heads on South Beach. Luque recorded her first album in 2011. Norka was nominated for the female vocalists of the year award when her first single was released, and she is still making a huge impact in the music world.


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FreedomPop Mobile Phone Service

In the fast-paced world of broadband, it seems like something new and improved is released almost every day. This is especially true in the mobile phone and internet sector. Tech-savvy users are always searching for the latest applications and devices that will make broadband easier and less expensive to operate.

In 2011 a new company entered the $100 billion wireless data market. FreedomPop was founded by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols two well known and very successful American entrepreneurs. Steven Sesar the COO of FreedomPop is a well-known internet executive with over fifteen years experience in the marketing of consumer internet products. Company CEO Stephen Stokols has raised over $100 million in venture capital to assure the company has ample financing.

FreedomPop is enjoying early success, going from a start-up to one of the fastest growing wireless broadband networks in the U.S. in less than four years. Today they have several hundred thousand subscribers and over one hundred employees.

FreedomPop offers free but limited net based phone and internet access using wireless broadband. Their most popular program is the Unlimited Everything plan. Under this plan, the user has unlimited talk, text, and data for the low monthly fee of $20.

Can I get coverage? in 2013 FreedomPop partnered with the Sprint Network to expand its coverage to any area that is served by Sprint’s 4G LTE network. This partnership has made it possible for FreedomPop to expand its selection of low-cost cell phones from LG, Samsung, iPhones and others. Hotspot devices make it easier for users to access the internet in millions of locations around the world. FreedomPop offers hot spot devices that will provide you with easy access to a wireless data connection, such as a tablet, whenever you need it. It should be noted FreedomPop does not sell mobile devices outside the United States.

Does FreedomPop support LTE Android smartphones? Yes, since 2014 they have fully supported Android smartphones. Can I bring my own device? Yes, and when you switch from your present carrier to FreedomPop it is possible to save as much as a $1,000 dollars.

FreedomPop is now international, recently announcing coverage in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, with plans to offer coverage to Southeast Asia and Latin America by the end of 2016.

Hopefully, our FreedomPop review will inspire you to visit the FreedomPop website and do more research into the many benefits this amazing company has to offer.

Office Design Promotes Collaboration with entrepreneur Marc Sparks

There are many benefits to collaboration in the workplace, including improved work efficiency and faster innovation, all which lead to greater company achievements. Marc Sparks, President of Timber Creek Capital, LP, knew this when moving his private equity firm to a new office space.

Now the new office design provides startup companies and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take advantage of an ideal collaborative setting while still profiting from Timber Creek Capital, LP’s proven, successful startup incubation. The new office space allows up to three different companies an all-encompassing, supportive incubation phase now in a quality work environment designed to encourage collaboration and success.

A successful entrepreneur himself, Marc Sparks understands the challenges a startup company faces launching a new business. His company, Timber Creek Capital, LP offers mentorship, capital, marketing, office space and more to those ready to turn their passions and dreams into sustainable, profitable businesses. Based in Dallas, TX, Timber Creek Capital, LP has over 35 years entrepreneurial experience to guide businesses to realize success.

In his book, They Cant Eat You, Marc Sparks chronicles his journey to go from an academically average high school student to serial, entrepreneurial triumphs. He also offers “Fifty Sparks” in his book as a resource anyone can use to begin to build their own successful venture.

There is also Marc Sparks’ work as a philanthropist. He is changing lives through his work with community projects and company sponsorships. In addition to the non-profit organizations, like Mommies in Need and Dogs Matter, receiving grants awarded through Spark Tank, Marc is currently involved in helping a number of social service nonprofits thrive and grow.

His work with the homeless shelter, The Samaritan Inn, helped bring the organization from one small, run-down house to a $3,000,000 a year organization servicing over 200 people a day. Marc Sparks’ own non-profit, Sparkey’s Kids, provides new, high-quality computers to children in financial need. He also dedicated to the family housing projects of Habitat for Humanity.

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