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Everything From Wessex’s Wikipedia

The Wessex Institute of Technology was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. Better known as WIT, this institute for higher education was created and divided into three main areas of education specializing in research, publishing, and conferences.
WIT mainly focuses on a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms. The main purpose of these mechanisms is to provide and exchange information between professional and academic users which is accomplished through a wide variety and range of activities.

Securus Technologies Gets Itself Involved With High Profile Cases

If there is one thing that Securus Technologies is very helpful with, it is the assistance with public safety. People are in need of some kind of assistance when it comes to keeping safe. However, without surveillance, people will find it a bit harder to stay safe. With Securus Technologies, people are able to not only find the perpetrators of crimes, but they are also able to prevent other crimes from being prevented. Whenever there is cameras and video recorders around, people are less likely to commit crimes against others. As a result, people can breathe more easily when they are out in public.


Securus technologies have taking things even further for law enforcement agencies with the use of a new software called Investigator 4.0. This makes it so that people will be able to catch any type of gang related activity that is being planned. They use voice samples in order to identify the inmate that is involved in the calls. They also trace the other calls that the voice is involved in. Then people pay attention to the contents of the conversations. This helps them determine if there is some kind of incident that is going to happen.


Securus is making it possible to catch people before they commit a crime as opposed to after the crime. For one thing, criminals can be punished with intent. Also, the potential victims would be safe. Securus has released software that is like the audio equivalent of a surveillance camera. The voice samples make it easier for the officer to be able to find out who is calling who about any type of issue. They could also find out information about the other people in the party which includes whether or not they have been incarcerated. They could also find out their affiliation with the current inmate.


FreedomPop Unveils Hot New Plan

The world of mobile carriers has been rapidly changing over the past decade and much of that evolution can be attributed directly to the work of FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a freemium based carrier that focuses on hooking up customers with as much as they need and charging them little, to nothing, in the process. FreedomPop has made some serious waves and now people are ready to jump on board and get involved. Recently FreedomPop unveiled some new service offerings that are giving new customers a chance to really rake in the savings.

What FreedomPop fundamentally offers is a cell phone experience that leaves your money in its pocket. With FreedomPop you can register and never have to spend a dollar on the service. You will receive a free allotment of minutes, mobile data, and text messages. If you never exceed those allotted services then you will never be charged for anything else, thus keeping your service truly free. Now, how does FreedomPop operate when they are giving away products? Well, they offer service expansions like a digital buffet. You can learn more from this review of FreedomPop.

One of the newest expansions that FreedomPop has on offer is their “Unlimited Everything” plan which focuses on giving customers a glorified unlimited plan for just $20 per month. Compare that price point to many of the other big wig providers on the market and you will quickly see that FreedomPop is more than capable of going head to head with anyone on the marketplace. What all does this new unlimited plan offer you?

Well, for just $20 per month you will receive unlimited talk, data, and text for the simple $20 fee. The only catch on the plan is that once you exceed 1 GB of data usage you will go from 4G speeds to 3G speeds. If you can deal with a drop in speed then you are going to get one of the best digital deals in the cell phone world.

FreedomPop was first established back in 2011 and it was immediately backed up by the co-founder of Skype – Niklas Zennstrom. FreedomPop has been pushing to change the way that we look at how mobile carriers operate and they have done so in spades thus far. FreedomPop will continue to grow as more and more customers look toward plans that are more tailored to their needs rather than what companies think that they should actually be paying for.

The New Brunswick Devco Continues To Play A Role In New Jersey Developments

The Press of Atlantic City has recently reported the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to make a $1 million repayment on a CRDA loan that adds to arrears dating back a number of years. The $20 million loan was part of a $107 million financing package created by the New Brunswick Development Corporation from private and public groups; the DEVCO works on a not for profit basis in its bid to revitalize the New Brunswick and Atlantic City areas.
The initial Devco was created in the 1970s and is now headed by attorney Christopher Palatino, who has pushed the reach of the group out to include Atlantic City. The New Brunswick Devco has worked on a number of projects in recent years to bring a better standard of living to the people of New Jersey, including the New Brunswick High School and Lord Stirling Community School.

A major part of the focus for the New Brunswick Development Corporation and its sister group in Atlantic City is the need for every project to have its basis in the need for assistance for the community of New Jersey; along with the need for an anchor within the community the Devco also seeks to bring economic growth to New Jersey.

After stitching together the financing for the development of the 235 room The Heldrich casino and hotel the repayment of the CRDA loans become the responsibility of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Initial bond repayments have already been made before the latest round of loan repayments were missed; Christopher Paladino of the Devco believes the loan repayments will be made as The Heldrich continues to increase its levels of occupancy and become profitable as New Jersey continues to be redeveloped.


ClassDojo is Making An Impact in Schools

In an effort to help improve communication between parents and teachers, ClassDojo has raised 21 million dollars in venture funding for tech. The funding will help develop technology methods to connect educators with parents.

The communication method that will be used regarding the funding by ClassDojo is an app. The app will provide the ability for educators and parents to communicate at school and home. The communication will be vastly different than the traditional teacher and parent communication that has been done on a set schedule for many years. With the communication app, teachers and parents will be able to communicate on a daily basis.

The frequent communication will provide parents with consistent updates concerning their children, which should help improve the performance of the children in school. For teachers, the app will provide many features and assist with a variety of useful tasks. Teachers will be able to use the app for tasks such as scheduling student activities, taking pictures, making videos, sending pictures, sending videos, and displaying student schoolwork.

The funding that has been raised is currently being used to grow the team responsible for developing the app, deciding what features to add to the app, and determining what content to include on the app. The focus of the ClassDojo company is the development and improvement of the app along with providing access to the app to a wide variety of schools.

ClassDojo is a company that helps connects students, parents, and teachers with the use of technology. The app that the company is providing to educators is used in over 85,000 schools in the United States.

The app can be used to accomplish a variety of educational goals. Teachers can use the app to encourage students, share pictures and videos concerning school activities with parents, and provide students with a way to show their school accomplishments.

As technology has become more important in classrooms and schools, educators are looking for technology that will help improve communication in schools between parents and teachers. The app provided by ClassDojo is making a difference in many schools regarding communication efforts between parents and teachers. The app is filling a need that many schools have related to communication issues. With the funding that has been received for the app by ClassDojo, the app will be in position to be used by many more schools.

How Fabulous Is Your Wardrobe? Add These Fabletics Options to Make It Better!

Who does not want a new wardrobe? Most women do, but the price of replacing all of your clothes is often unattainable. As a result, it is paramount to discover brands that are both budget-friendly and capable of serving multiple purposes with only a few of their pieces. Fabletics, for example, has been making waves in the fashion industry, but not just because they are affordable. Whereas the runway once belonged to gowns and questionable suits, it now partially belongs to athleisure wear that few will realize that the outfits did not take hours to assemble. Intent on shaping the industry by improving the self-esteem of women, this brand knows what it is doing and will surely continue to succeed. If you are ready to replace your wardrobe, consider beginning with these versatile pieces by Fabletics:

Kimberley Sweatpants III

Though these are sweatpants in hindsight, the icy black print of them makes them appear more dressy. Sure, you might not wear Fabletics to your best friend’s wedding, but you will find yourself putting them on in a lot more circumstances than you would other sweats. Add a form-fitting top, some upscale sneakers, and perhaps some hoop earrings to make these sweat pants an acceptable choice for a casual night out to eat. As always, working out in these is a breeze and reading the night away will never be as comfortable as it will be when wearing these perfect pants.

Winn Mid Rise Capris

Though these pants come in a multitude of colors, the ember is the most stunning and adds that pizzazz element to any outfit. These leggings look far more upscale than your average gym bottoms which is why they are able to be dressed up or down with one swift open of your closet. When matched with Fabletics’ Burnout Sweater, this outfit radiates hipster, and who does not want that?

Janel Tank

Available in black, berry, and ember, this tank is really attractive and edgy. With the ability to be paired with virtually any kind of pants or skirt from Fabletics, this shirt is adorned with sexy upper abdomen slits that make it ideal for a night of clubbing. Of course and when paired with gym pants, it will keep you cool on the treadmill or on your run.

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