Wengie Sephora Makeup Vlog Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she shows off her haul of makeup from Sephora that weighs twenty-two pounds, along with the rest of her day.

First she talks about how the video will follow her at a Sephora product launch event. She also talks about how her cat is acting cute that day. When she gets to the event, it is raining so she has to walk two blocks in the rain to get to the place. Wengie notes that it is cold and that she isn’t dressed for the weather. Then she shows footage of the event, stopping to discuss the new products she is most excited to try. She shows off her huge gift bag that she has trouble carrying to the car because it is so full.

When she gets home, Wengie snuggles her cats and her boyfriend. She talks about how she was nervous for the Sephora event because of her social anxiety and she didn’t know anyone. She says she got through it by going through the booths and talking to the salespeople. She notes that her gift bag broke and shattered one of her items that she was excited to try. She and her boyfriend try to take her suitcase to their car to get her broken bag of Sephora stuff but their cat is playful and refuses to get out of the suitcase. Then she and her boyfriend decide to go out for dinner because neither of them had eaten that day. After dinner they park and film the city view. The video ends with more footage of their cat playing.
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