A Virtual Classroom Environment for all Students

Finding the perfect application to integrate technology into classroom environments is difficult to place and utilize within schools. As technology continues to advance we are being presented a multitude of different learning platforms, many of which are costly and difficult for our young scholars to learn efficiently. Luckily, there are free education programs available for teachers to use that can be found online, and one such program, called Classroom Dojo, offers a fun learning environment that students can really be engaged with.

Classroom Dojo, with its cute animated characters, can help encourage and promote students to succeed, which is evident from such marketing campaigns as several video clips starring Classroom Dojo characters educating students on how anyone can succeed. These videos, like the initial Classroom Dojo program, are free to view and offer a nice stepping stone for student academic achievement.

Classroom Dojo, at its base, is basically a simplified social media platform that allows students and teachers to stay in communication with one another. The program can be used by teachers to remind students of assignments, to follow up with parents on how their children are progressing, and can be used by students to communicate with one another in a safe and entertaining environment.

The program interface is simplistic and offers students, teachers and parents the ability to upload videos and pictures, chat with one another over a chat interface, and other such uses. Communication is limited to individuals who are chosen by the creator of the classroom environment, which means the teacher, meaning that each virtual classroom solely contains the students, their parents and the teacher. This safety feature means there is no fear of having to deal with outside presences and makes Classroom Dojo, at least to the conscious of parents, a mindful and stable tool for their children to utilize.

Classroom Dojo is a reliable and efficient tool for students to use in school. Not only is it an effective means to open communication between all students withing a classroom, thereby forming strong relationships and friendships, but it can also be used as a method to educate students as well as it can be used to share educational media and information quickly and efficiently. With the continued integration of technology in the classroom, such as through Chromebooks and IPads, adding programs such as Classroom Dojo is a must for the future of education in the US.


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