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How Technology Can Improve Wedding Planning

The wedding industry has definitely changed over the years, especially with the addition of new technologies to help brides and grooms plan their special day. Slyce is one of these visual search technologies that allows users to snap photos of anything they see around them, and then searches for a match online. Customers can simply scan barcodes, coupons, QR codes, and instant images to find the product they are searching for. Slyce can be used to search many different items from clothes, to home décor.

This technology can also help to connect stores and brands with their customers. Users are able to find the products they are looking for without having to search through tons of pages of results on the internet. Slyce is able to help brides and grooms search for the perfect wedding attire or décor. They can easily take photos of what they want and get the instant results.

In the past, technology was not used when planning a wedding, but today it can help make the process easier and faster. When people got engaged, they used to spend hours at different stores registering for gifts. They would use a slow scanner to choose what they wanted and would be limited to the items that only the store carried. Even with online registries, it was still a slow system that wouldn’t update to real-time. Now, doing a wedding registry can be a lot easier, especially with the help of visual search technology. Couples will be able to save time and get the exact items they want.

Shopping for wedding attire has also changed quite a bit. Brides would have to spend hours going to several stores to hopefully find the dress they were looking for, as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses. Grooms and groomsmen would have to fill out paperwork and do a lot of coordinating to get their tuxes. These days, brides and grooms are able to rent their attire for a cheaper cost. Some stores, such as Men’s Warehose, even have apps where the tux rentals can be tracked.

Some couples like to design their own wedding websites, and now they create them to look way better than they used to. It can be fairly simple to put up a great-looking website without having to spend a lot of time on it. In the future, they might become more available for mobile devices and phones will be used for much of the wedding planning.

What Makes Hall Capital So Unique

People would have thought that Helane Morrison was after money when she switched SEC with Hall Capital. With time, it has been very clear that that was not the motivation but rather the pioneering spirit of the advisory firm. Hall Capital is with no doubt the most prominent firm in the whole of San Francisco. It boasts of assets worth more than 24 billion in addition to managing the finances of who is who in the United States. Her joining Hall Capital has proved to be the most important decisions in her career. When she joined the firm, she was offered the positions of the chief compliance officer and the managing director. The ethical culture embraced by the firm made her take the job without hesitating.

Morrison works with the Sarah Stein who is the President and Kathryn Hall who serves as the co-chief investment officer. They have managed to revolutionize the workplace to incorporate the principles of flexibility and resilience that every woman needs to be able to succeed in the financial industry.

The financial crisis of 2008 dealt a major blow in the trust people had in the industry. Morrison, Stein and Hall are working tirelessly to restore this trust by emphasizing on integrity, compliance of regulations and accountability starting with all the workers in the firm in every other thing that they do. This has brought Hall Capital the reputation of the few advisory firms that can be relied on.

Morrison is on the front line to ensure that every investment the firm makes for its clients is transparent and ethical. Being the chief compliance officer, Morrison works with a group known as the examination staff to peruse the records of companies partnering with Hall Capital. The group rigorously investigates every financial advisor, mutual fund or brokerage firm that the firm intends to use to ensure that it can be trusted with the clients’ money.

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison was born and grew up in Brooklyn. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism before earning her J.D. degree from University of California at Berkeley School of Law. Here, she served as the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief.

Morrison started working at the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk. She then joined Howard, a leading law firm in San Francisco. Here, she dealt with business litigation. Helane Morrison has also worked for the government in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the San Francisco Office as District Administrator and then as Regional Director.

A Well-Known Family Lawyer Launches a Campaign to Help Stray Animals

There are a lot of people out there who would like to help with the problem of stray animals roaming the streets of New York City during these cold winter months. If they find a stray animal, they will usually take the animal to a shelter. Or they may at times donate money to local shelters. These are all great things that people can do to help solve the problem of too many homeless animals wandering the streets of New York City. Unfortunately, more people need to get on board if this problem is going to be taken care of. This is something that is especially urgent since animals suffer even more during the cold winter months when they are not able to find shelter.

Ross Abelow is very concerned about this problem. For this reason, he has spearheaded a campaign at that will raise $5,000 for local shelters. He would like to get as many people on board in order to raise the money as quickly as possible. The money that is raised through Go Fund Me will be donated to shelters and will be used to purchase things blankets and food for the animals. Also, animals that are sick or need vaccinations will be able to get the help they need. Another problem that will be addressed is the fact that there is not a lot of space where strays can be taken care of. Some of this money will be used to expand the space that is available in order to shelter more animals.

Many individuals are familiar with the work that Ross Abelow does. He has been working as matrimonial and family lawyer in New York City for more than 25 years. He is one of the partners at Abelow & Cassandro LLP. At times, Ross Abelow will take cases that involve entertainment law and civil litigation. When people hire Ross Abelow to help them with a difficult case, they can be sure that he not only has the knowledge to help them, but he has experience that will help him to guide his clients in a way that benefits them over the long-term.

Individuals do not need to hire Ross Abelow in order to benefit from the knowledge and experience he has. They can read his personal blog and the information that he posts on Mashable and Facebook. He maintains an active web presence and regularly posts new information that addresses a variety of legal and financial subjects.

Talk Fusion and CEO Bob Reina

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company that specializes in cutting edge video technology and the means to send it. The CEO and founder of the company is a man called Bob Reina. The company is able to connect people around the globe with the latest in video technology. It is so important for people today to connect with one another in this way. The possibilities that it opens up for people are limitless. Today people can make their own videos and share them with others. What was once a dream for many people can now become a reality. Talk Fusion is now helping to make this possible, connecting the world and enhancing people’s lives and dreams. It is Bob Reina that has made this all possible.

Bob Reina the CEO of Talk Fusion is able to keep moving ahead in the field of video communication. He recognizes emerging trends in the field and is able to come up with new technology to meet those needs. Reina has over twenty years of experience in the field he is in. He has a take charge attitude that is able to move Talk Fusion forward. He is recognized as an initiator for taking action which results in better telecommunications technology for people to use the world over.

People with a personal computer or a cell phone or tablet that has a camera can video chat now. Email can be customized with many different types of templates to choose from. Video newsletters can be produced to let people know about your business. Meetings can be held between people anywhere in the world. No need for everyone to get together in the same room anymore.

Talk Fusion began in the year 2007 with a video Email service. Bob Reina has been moving the company forward since then. Today Talk Fusion can be used to help facilitate many different needs. There is now video chat services that can help out people in many ways. Live meetings and conferences can be held with the help of this technology. Various ways of marketing and video newsletters can be produced.

Sanjay Shah – Two New Trustees Added to the Board

Autism Rocks according to Global is a donation fundraiser based out of Central London that focuses on raising money for awareness and research for the condition. Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of the fundraiser and has reported by The Sunday Times recently added two new members to the board of trustees. Pete and Will Best will be entering the Autism Rocks charity event soon to aid in the benefits and bring much of their expertise to the charity event. Shah is excited to have them on board because he feels they will bring exceptional experience and add an immense amount of value to the cause. He has known them for quite some time, as they were friends during his college days at the university. Shah is also the founder of firm Solo Capital.
Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 after much anticipation on Shah’s behalf. He knew that he wanted to help with the condition somehow, but didn’t know exactly how. Snoop Dogg happened to be in his area one day, and stopped by at his home in Dubai. They started visiting about the condition and Snoop Dogg began to urge Shah to get back into the music industry. He eventually was able to enter agreements with famous music artists by staging concerts with them all over the world. The concerts were a private invite only and were solely to help raise money for Autism Rocks. He gained his passion for autism after his youngest son was diagnosed in 2011. He wanted to do everything in his power to help him and make it better, but there is no fix for autism. Starting the fundraiser was the next best thing.

Pete brings over 21 years of finance experience to the table for Autism Rocks. He will aid in the funding decisions, as well as many other areas of the spectrum for Autism Rocks. Will started his career in the music industry, so he has a lot of experience handling the artist side. The two together will bring a variety to the structure and aid in all of the processes such as funds, benefits, concerts and management.

Before Shah launched Autism Rocks, he was the CEO, owner and founder of a brokerage company called Solo Capital. He had years of experience in the accounting side of business and eventually grew tired of the everyday grind so he launched his own business that grew to make him millions. Nobody on Linked In could anticipate the growth that would happen, but after five years of business Solo Capital had a net worth of $280 million. Shah was able to retire early and focus his efforts on his family and Autism Rocks. He hopes that the foundation of donations will help raise enough money to aid in research as well as keep the communities informed of the symptoms and conditions.

George Soros Gets the Latin Vote

And George Soros strikes again in a big, financial way. It’s the least you can expect from a financial tycoon with a history as profound as his. After a failed attempt to slow down the Republican party during the Bush Jr., administration and presidential campaigns, the billionaire, investment mogul aims at getting American Latinos out to vote for 2016 elections.

But maybe “aiming” is not quite the way to put it. What has recently transpired makes sense only when we put money into the context. A lot of it too. George Soros according to NY Times, has already placed over $6 million American dollars to back the Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her campaign for the 2016 presidential election as a first time female President for the USA.

This level of society is not an unusual place for Mr. Soros’s presence to be found in, and the support or backing of controversial candidates tend to satisfy his own world views more so than his beneficiaries and regardless of the amount on the table. George Soros is a man of power with the aggregated bank accounts to support this strong arm easily felt across the planet.

His recent actions are now being recorded by the Immigrant Voters Win Political Action Committee as they are ecstatic and eager to spend raw cash on the various campaign trails. The NY Times is calling the group a “super PAC” now. It’s not hard to tell why.

First and foremost, the man, who deliberately sponsored Barrack Obama just to see a Democratic nominee, is putting his money into creating opposition against Republican front runner, Donald Trump. Trump’s recent rhetoric about immigrations, Muslims and boarder walls is fodder to that fire.

Mr. Soros is fanning the flame and doing it with the Latino vote.

The accomplished investor put up $15 million dollars to push more Democratic appeal and to get immigrants of the Latin heritage out to make impressive numbers in the polls. Numbers that sources say run between a half to three-quarters of a million voters. Since majority of these Latin qualifiers reside in states including Colorado, Nevada and Florida, the affect of their involvement will be no shortcoming.

These states hold a large enough diversity of Latin and some Asian voters that they will each play a large role to how the overall election and presidential candidates strategize. The donation and financial backing of George Soros is part of a succession of investments the billionaire has made in the name of politics.

His philanthropy is often in public record and spans from international economics to the support of young African American men in the United States. We can only watch now to see where his tides will go in the world. It is all an exciting feat.

Organo Gold is the Healthiest Coffee to Drink

Bernardo Chua has released some very healthy coffee into the world with Organo Gold. Many people are discovering the health benefits that come with drinking this coffee. While people are generally divided on the healthiness of coffee in general. Organo Gold coffee contains a healthy ingredient called ganoderma. This solidifies the healthiness of Organo Gold coffee. Ganoderma comes from Asian countries like China and Japan. It contains a lot of healing elements in the mushroom. Organo Gold is also certified organic coffee presented by Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold with the intention of spread the ingredient ganoderma all throughout the world. One of Chua’s dreams was to make sure that every one throughout the world has the chance to experience the healing benefits of this nutrient in which he distributes with the use of his coffee. He has expanded his company to many different countries including Turkey. The home of the first coffee house. Turkish people get to experience the healing qualities that Organo Gold offers anyone who drinks the coffee.

Bernardo Chua has recently made a trip to Manila where he was awarded 5 People’s Choice awards. Bernardo has earned the awards because he presented the secret to health that Asia carries to the other countries of the world. Bernardo Chua used his creativity and his skills in marketing to bring his product to the other countries in the world. Among the countries that enjoy it the most is the Philippines. Bernardo Chua was born and raised in the Phillipines.  More on Bernie can be found through LinkedIn.

Sanjay Shah Leading Solo Capital to a Greater Level in the Business World

Financial investment entails putting money into a particular asset with hope it will accumulate to a large amount of cash. The higher the sum of money invested, the bigger the risks, and the higher the returns. Investors can afford a sigh of relief due to the increased number of firms that are ready to guide them through the process of making investment decisions. Solo Capital Markets is a prominent financial firm based in London, England. The United Kingdom is responsible for the regulation of Solo Capital operations. The firm specializes in dynamic fields such as consulting, proprietary trading, and professional sports.
Services offered by Solo Capital Partners

The company was established on September 13, 2011. The registered office of the firm is located in London. The firm has an active organization status and is managed by three directors. Solo Capital offers financial advice to its broad client base. Additionally, it offers agency brokerage service, management of investment, ensuring client’s money is protected, and corporation’s assets safeguarded. A team of professionals who have an industrial experience of many years manages the firm. The firm offers personalized services to its clients.

The news published on Global Citizen Magazine indicates that Shah studied medicine, but opted to venture into investment and financial industry. He proceeded to work for several accounting firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.

Brief details on Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is an established businessperson and an active philanthropist born in September 1970. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capitals Partners. Solo Group Holdings oversees the operations of Solo capital markets. In turn, Solo Group Holding is controlled by a firm owned Sanjay known as Aesa S.a.r.l. Additionally; Sanjay holds a network of several firms across London. Some of them include Dubai, Malta, British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, and more.

Shah had earned according to Global-citizen a record £19 million for the year that ended on March 31, 2011, prior to the establishment of Solo Capital. Old Park Lane Capital was under the management of Shah in 2014. The firm is a stockbroker that specializes in natural resources. During the beginning of the year 2016, He was worth US$280 million. Sanjay considers himself retired and has two offices located in Dubai and London.

Philanthropic activities

Sanjay is an active humanitarian who supports various community-based organizations that support education causes. Shah sponsors Indian children to transform their education dreams into a reality. One of his children is autistic, which influenced him to fund the 2014 Autism Rocks. He serves as the Founder and CEO of Autism Rock organization. The aim of the organization is to enhance awareness of autism as well as its research. He has arranged several concerts in both London and Dubai.

George Soros Funds Huilary Clinton Super PAC

The U.S. Presidential campaign is always a major source of financial donations given to the main political parties, in recent years one of the major donors of the past has not been playing as important a role in the Democratic party. Politico now reports hedge fund specialist Forbes billionaire George Soros is making his first major donations to the Democratic Presidential campaign since 2008. The estimated wealth of Soros is reported to have reached around $23 billion and has seen him provide around $8 million in donations divided between two Super PAC’s looking to push forward the Hilary Clinton campaign for the White House.
Despite the fact George Soros did not make major donations to the Democratic campaign of 2012 the chance to assist in avoiding the economic problems of 2008 has drawn George Soros back into action before the Presidential voting kicks off. In 2015, Soros has seen a major number of problems occurring in eastern Europe, an area where his Open Society Foundations is extremely active. The Hungarian born hedge fund manager believes the problems in Europe could have a major effect on how the global economy moves forward in the coming year and believes Hilary Clinton offers the best option for the Presidency.

George Soros has looked to back Hilary Clinton in a strong way with $6 million provided for the Priorities USA Super PAC in December 2015. For Soros the chance to put right what he sees as the mistake of not backing Hilary Clinton in 2008 has drawn him back to the U.S. race for the White House in 2016. The need to bring Soros back into the pack of Democrat donors has been seen as of major importance in the face of an expected donation of more than $1 billion for the Republican candidates made to Super PAC’s. The State Department has released emails detailing the close relationship George Soros has built with former Secretary of State Clinton as the pair have discussed policy in the last few years.