Browse Month: February 2016

Students Help Improve Wikipedia

In an article posted on Motherboard on February 11, 2016 we learn that some information on Wikipedia now comes from college students. 

Wiki Education Foundation, an independent non-profit, is working with nearly 200 colleges and universities to increase awareness and content of underrepresented areas of Wikipedia, including this year’s area of women in science. Instead of writing term papers, students create or add information to delinquent pages. This provides those neglected topics and individuals with a voice. Since the majority of Wikipedia’s editors are white males, there tends to be some bias to the information posted on it. Students have to adhere to the site’s strict guidelines, including proper citation, to help expand the online information source. Because Wikipedia has a long list of restrictions, this challenge can be more involved than a term paper.

While Wiki Ed doesn’t see this as a total solution to any gaps or inaccuracies of the site, it does help in aiding students in their writing and critical thinking skills. The students have to question how they read information on the web, making sure that reliable sources are chosen. This increases the accuracy of content and provides proper exposure to all involved parties. Wiki Ed also hopes to inspire not only Wiki experts, but experts in all fields to embrace putting their knowledge on the site to even further educate users.

Creating a Wikipedia page is not as simple as you think. Having the right content with strict adherence to their guidelines can be a huge headache. Posting your own material can be seen as advertising and is banned. Without the correct formats, your page may get flagged, or worse, never put on the site. If you are fortunate enough to get it all done correctly, making sure that incorrect or malicious content isn’t added to your site requires constant vigilance. One way to get past this aggravation is Get Your Wiki. This site has knowledgeable Wikipedia writers to set up, monitor, and get you listed on Wikipedia. You can see their services at:

The experts at this Wikipedia editing service will handle all aspects of getting your Wiki page done correctly, including translation. They work with all types of businesses, non-profits, and individuals. A professional page helps increase your presence, building you a good reputation and increasing your profits. Wikipedia is visited by millions of people every day. Make sure you get the correct attention. 

Securus Technologies Makes History

Securus Technologies has recently announced a successful mobile application for its innovative technology “Video Visitation”. This application provides easy teleconferencing capabilities for all Android smartphones, tablets, and Apple iPhones, iPpads and iTouches. Since its development, the Android inmate phone calls app has been downloaded over 5,000 times and Securus says that it represents just another and more convenient way that family and friends of incarcerated loved ones can keep in touch with each other (to download the app, click here). The new technology dubbed “Securus Video Visit” was crafted with the goal of giving inmates and their families a convenient way to give them more options for prison visitation. Until this inmate communication technology was fully developed friends, family members and loved ones had absolutely no control over a convenient way to visit an incarcerated loved one. But now with the “Video Visit” app, Securus is making history by making prison visitation easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Moments like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries or other special occasions can now be easily shared in a way that phone calls just can’t. Securus also points out that its new application also eliminates the need for tethered computers, web cameras or other added hardware as it works on a variety of off the shelf devices including Android and Apple smartphones. 

Securus, a leading provider of civil and criminal technology solutions for public safety investigations and corrections monitoring announced that it had added a senior sales executive to help it develop a high-tech software based sales team to enhance the company’s 800 plus product portfolio geared to the law enforcement and corrections market. The reason for doing this was that the company needed to effectively present itself and the decision was made that the best way to do that was to add an experienced key man to effectively present their expanded product line. Over the last three years, Securus has invested over $600 million dollars in the acquisition and development of several hundred security and efficiency, safety and mobile application products for the markets they serve. The choice of a new key man in our sales department, John Bell, is just our way of showing confidence in the future of this company. John comes to Securus with a record of exceptional sales growth along with a record of developing exceptional sales leaders and that growth foundation is the evidence of his professional portfolio. He is also had a stellar career at IBM and is a graduate of Holy Cross with post-graduate work at the Wharton School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management. 

Learn more about Securus here:

Reputation Management Expert Darius Fisher Shares His Tricks Of The Trade

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Lab in Austin, Texas. It’s a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. Fisher was recently named in PR Week’s 2015 Innovation 50, which recognizes the rising stars in tech PR, and digital communications in the agency, in-house, and social media sectors. After four years of operation and an expansive staff at their disposal, Status is now operating in New York as well as São Paulo, Brazil. His staff is currently made up of 30 or more personnel with 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Status Labs has been delivering second changes to individuals ranging from executives to public figures, politicians, and everyday folks. After his graduation from Vanderbilt University, Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher’s company greatly helped many clients with the Ashley Madison Hack crisis to clean up their online reputation, and relieve them of stress from the situation. Fisher designed a strategy that could repair those damaged online reputations. By way of submitting press releases, video content, media profiles, and by creating a new personal website constantly submitting content that presents the individual’s achievements in a positive way by feeding into the Google Search Engine.

He points out by increasing employee job satisfaction can reduce turnover, it could be an extra vacation day or a free month of yoga classes or a monthly visit by an in-office masseuse or simply try to find out what your employees see as an added value and start from there. By incentivizing your team is identifying what makes them happy and you have less employee turnover, which otherwise makes it very expensive. The staff also like to be appreciated and recognized for the hard work they put in. For example, Fisher makes it a point to send an email to the entire company congratulating them on a job well done. Small gestures can have a massive impact on morale.

Fisher further states that a worthwhile raise is the most surefire way to keep them around if you truly value an employee. Finally, his advice is to find out what makes your employees happy. Understanding what motivates people and taking the steps necessary to achieve that happy environment makes them an asset to your team.

Skout Is Helping People to Scout out True Kindness

It often seems that there’s not enough kindness in the world. But a recent story on Uloop shows that there’s a lot more kindness out there than many people would ever suspect. And what’s most amazing is that the information has come from a social networking app. And this app, called Skout, is also helping people to spread even more kindness into the world.

The creators of the app decided to try sending out a small survey to users. It’s hardly surprising that so many people decided to complete the survey. Skout is centered around the idea of community and exploration. And it’s not just physical exploration, the app helps to connect people with new friends all over the world. So one could hardly think of a better audience to ask about random acts of kindness. If anyone knows about random acts of kindness it’s users of an app which is often centered around the idea of making meaningful connections with previously unknown people. And the results of the survey are enough to brighten even the most cynical hearts. Because it found that a full 51% of college students perform a random act of kindness every day. And the good news gets even better from there. It also showed that 93% of the users have done something unexpected and kind for a stranger.

The app also quizzed users about their views of random acts of kindness. This provides a lot of valuable data on just what people might mean when they talk about doing nice things for strangers. Users were asked to look at and categorize various acts of kindness. One of the more surprising findings is that the recent phenomenon of paying it backward in lines was considered the most meaningful act of kindness. Paying it backward refers to making an order in a drive through lane and then paying for the order of the person behind them as well. This is notable for the fact that no personal connection is ever made. It’s simply a nice act for a stranger which one will never receive any direct thanks for.

The survey also showed that the next most popular act of kindness was sending a text to a friend to simply thank them for being such. This might not be so surprising given the digitally connected nature of Skout users. But coming in a close third is a far more direct and physical representation of that sentiment. And that’s giving a good friend an unexpected hug.


Talk Fusion in the Schools

Talk Fusion is the best video communication program that I have experienced in all of my years as a technology director. I have been able to implement this software in the Atlanta city schools, and it has become one of the best things for the teachers in our district.

As an IT director over an education department I have found that it helps to have the type of software that Talk Fusion produces because there are a lot of times where principles will not be able to leave the school. They will need to have the type of software that allows them to communicate with the superintendent and other administrative staff members without leaving their school campus. Talk Fusion has provided the type of software that allows educators to do this without ever leaving their classroom.

As someone that works in information technology I am always interested in software that is easy to use. I have a background in computer information systems, but I know that most of the people that utilize the software at the schools do not have the same technical skills. That is why I look for the software that is easy to implement and even easier for non-technical people to utilize.

Many educators in the school districts are focused on presentations. The presentation is always a big deal because this is how information is relayed to lots of teachers across the board. I have found in recent years that it has been much easier to keep the attention of the teachers when there is some type of video that is implemented in some of the slides. The principals that I work with have found that this software is perfect for the different types of presentations that they are trying to present to their staff.

After testing the Talk Fusion software in the schools I also made the decision to start utilizing this type of software in the home. It has become something that is very easy for everyone in my household to use. My daughter also uses this for her college classes when she makes presentations.

To learn more about Talk Fusion and founder, Bob Reina, visit their LinkedIn page


The CCMP Capital President And CEO, Stephen Murray Passes Away At Age 52

After a long time of services as a private equity executive, the businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist Stephen Murray passed away at the age of 52 on 12 March 2015. Until his death, Steve Murray, served as the president and CEO of private equity firm CCMP Capital, and only left the firm’s active management role a month before due to health issues.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can be easily named as the longest serving member for he started out with it in its predecessor firms from 1989. When Stephen Murray joined the firm it was known as Chase Capital Partners, it then became JPMorgan Partners after it was purchased by the succeeding company. In Stephen Murray’s hands, CCMP Capital became one of the world’s largest private equity firms, and it was ranked number 17 on this list. This was after CCMP Capital started its independent operations 2006 and Stephen Murray taking control as its chief executive officer in 2007.

In his lifetime Stephen Murray was not only a figure of success but also a role model. He was included in management boards of different organizations such as Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Strongwood Insurance Holdings due to his unique and successful personality. He also worked with different charities and philanthropic organizations to give donations to the needy. Stephen Murray was a generous man who always looked forward to helping other people through his support of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School. Due to the major role he played at Boston College through his contributions, he was made vice-chairman of the board of trustees. He was also appointed a member of the chairman’s council of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York for the same reason.

After the news of Stephen Murray’s sudden demise emerged, Greg Brenneman, the CCMP chairman and the current president and CEO, said that they were deeply saddened by the news of not only their boss but also their friend passing away. He shared his heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers are with his wife and sons, whom he said the CCMP Capital community will stand with them in this time of grief.

As the founding partner of CCMP Capital, Steve Murray spend most of his time trying to make the organization better. Stephen Murray was a good investor and dealmaker whom without, CCMP would not be where it is now in the private equity industry. His colleagues and workmates are thankful for his unquantifiable contributions to the success of CCMP and the positive attitude he instilled in them as a friend.

How a Leading Public Relations Firm is Improving Business

Dealing with a horrible online press can negatively affect your business if you aren’t careful with your choices. There are certain people who miss out on growing their business because of a lack of communication between them and their customers, causing their angry customers to spread hateful information across the web and in media form. The truth is that your brand needs to know how to deal with the hate while also trying to improve your brand in general. The key to success is to invest your time and money on top of the line image management that delivers results, and Status Labs is bringing in new people to the company to help those of you struggling with your brand.

Status Labs is bringing in professional marketing advisor, Mike Paul to join the board and be a part of the technical team of Status Labs. They are going to help you grow and successfully develop your brand efficiently. The truth about this industry is the fact that you can easily grow your brand if you know what you are doing and you understand what you are capable of. There are countless brands out there that can guide you to succeed online and attain serious growth. Status Labs is teaming up with Mike because this guy knows how to properly attain results using powerful insight and techniques that can deliver results. With his team over the past 25 years, he has built a name for himself along with his clients who have witnessed incredible results take place. Status Labs knows all about how to build a brand, but Mike can increase and improve their strategy.

Status Labs has about 30+ employees who help manage their nearly 2,000 customers worldwide. Ensuring that clientele grow, they have added on Mike Paul to almost guarantee that results are delivered and can help them attain a safety net to avoid future problems in terms of handling the stress involved within this industry. Status Labs is ultimately going to overtake any other marketing and reputation management agencies in the world when they improve even more their strategic business approach.

Eucatex And A Clear Purpose

Flavio Maluf is The Leader With Experience
Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex. He has superior leadership skills. He is well-known for leading his employees and he is also great at leading groups. He leads by example. He will demonstrate the following skills, attributes, and characteristics to his employees and the groups that he leads. These include:
* honesty
* self responsibility
* sound decision making
* dedication
* a high work ethic
These are only an example of some of the many skills that this president models to those around him. He leads by his own good example.  He’s even got a popular following on Twitter due to his dedication to the environment.  Not to mention the financial tips Flavio Maluf has written about in articles for many websites.

The Purpose To Benefit
Eucatex is a Brazilian company that had a clear and powerful purpose. This purpose included providing benefits to the environment as well as to provide acoustic ceilings and wooden fiber plates. These are made from Eucalyptus. This purpose has not changed since it was founded in the year 1951. This also included growth within the company and the overall satisfaction of their products. The original purpose has experienced a broad expansion. It has indeed been accomplished at a rapid pace and it has spread to over 40 countries. The Maluf family owns this business. They are responsible for the running of this company.

Eucatex and The Efforts to Increase Exports
Eucatex has taken the necessary efforts to increase their exports. These efforts have led to very positive results. This includes an overall increase in sales. This is combined with an overall higher profitability which has assisted the company to maintain its operations. There are continuing efforts that are being taken in order to reduce their costs. This is a company that does not get idle with their efforts. This is a constant effort that enables Eucatex to remain up-to-date and to experience constant growth.

Flavio Maluf is Committed to Excellence
Mr. Maluf is committed to excellence and the delivery of sound and clear communication. He is dedicated to providing high quality in every product. He has a strong technical profile and a powerful commitment with his customer service skills and abilities. It may be his highly positive attitude that seems to drive him to excellence in the Eucatex company.  Flavio Maluf has also been counted on to break down the big deals for the average guy.  Using his business expertise, Flavio has written about Pfizer, and what their merger with Allergen will mean for Brazil.  Mr. Maluf has also talked about Rubbermaid, and what their recent deals could spell for the country’s economy.

Self-Driving AI is Legally Considered a Driver

Google has been pursuing the idea of self-driving cars since 2009. They have now successfully developed prototypes for testing, and they have been in trial mode for the past couple of years. The finished design won’t allow for human passengers to drive at all. For testing purposes, though, Google’s prototypes are required to have an operable steering wheels and pedals. This allows the human passenger to step in and become a safety driver as needed.

Last year in California, one of these cars attended by Jon Urbana was pulled over by a police officer for driving too slowly. This brings into question: who is considered liable in the event of an accident, the car’s AI or the passenger inside the car? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) has decided that Google’s self-driving system is considered to be a “driver”, just not in the traditional sense.

It’s scary to think that self-driving cars are becoming a reality. It’s scary in the sense that this new technology will take away the privilege of driving away from humans over time. By allowing computers to drive us, we are putting faith in something that could suffer a system crash, become controllable from external sources (hackers with malicious intentions) or encounter other technological difficulties. These problems still have a lot of time to arise, though, since this is an up-and-coming technology. By allowing this concept to take to the streets, I feel as if personal freedom and faith in computers will gradually diminish.

Bruce Levenson: Portrait of an American Success Story

Bruce Levenson is a pillar of the Atlanta community. He started his path to success by becoming the co-founder of the United Communications Group. After partnering with friend and colleague Ed Peskowitz on the venture in 1977 he would eventually gain increasing influence within the company and today is in charge of UCG’s main business strategy. He develops strategy for many of the acquisition efforts of the company. He also worked as a writer in Washington and has served on a number of different boards for many very important public groups. Philanthropic pursuits are also important to him. He was also the President of the “I have a Dream” Foundation. There can be no question that Bruce Levenson has contributed a vast amount to society at large. However, all of these activities are not all that he is completely known for.

Levenson, who is worth billions of dollars, is also perhaps most well-known for the fact that he was the owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Spirit LLC entity was the organization that Levenson was a part of that also owned the team. In late 2014, Levenson had a tough decision to make. He had decided that his time as the owner of the team was drawing to a close and that he wanted to sell it. Naturally, he didn’t want to part with the team without making a profit. Mr. Levenson has always had the shrewd ability to surround himself with only the best and the brightest people, and he knew that in this situation it could be no different.

Bruce Levenson knew that he wanted to get the best possible return on his investment. He knew that all of the work, commitment and dedication that he had put into the Atlanta Hawks would need to be repaid. He decided to hire the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs in order to help him effectively sell the team. In the wind-up, a group made up of Tony Ressler, former NBA player Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler purchased the team for $730 million. Although the final price tag was lower than expected, Levenson will still able to make a substantial profit from the sale of the team.

Levenson will continue to make an impact in his community through the profit he garnered from the sale of the team. He has been a substantial presence within the communities of Atlanta and Washington through all of his philanthropic pursuits. He will continue to be a pillar in his community.



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