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New Records Set in 2015 for the New York Real Estate

Real estate records in New York City  apartments for rent were shattered in 2015. Properties prices in different areas were on a continuous upward trend. The closing of a $100.47 million penthouse marked the climax of One57 by Extell Development. Other sales in the condominium that faces Central Park also toyed around the nine-figure mark. In Manhattan, huge prices were paid for townhouses and condos with new records for co-ops. Additionally, Brooklyn posted a new record from a single sale of a residence at Cobble Hill that became the most expensive in the area.

According to Shaun Osher, the Core chief executive, 2015 was the big sale year. It is more likely that the records will be rewritten in the approaching months as the city’s ever changing skyline will add billionaire bunkers. These areas include 220 Central Park South, 56 Leonard, and 520 Park. Kenneth C. Griffin, the hedge fund manager whose net worth according to Forbes estimate is at $7 billion is expected to buy a triplex for approximately $200 million at 220 Central Park South. According to sources that requested anonymity, Griffin entered into contract to make the purchase in late summer. The buy will be the city’s and country’s’ single largest sale.
Real estate analysts note that top prices will emerge when signed contracts for the early developments in the city close. The astronomical wealth as well as the continued demand within the super luxury category is likely to continue the trend. This is according to Pamela Liebman, the chief executive, Corcoran Group.

One57 broke the city’s record at $100.47 million with the city second most expensive property, Winter Garden, going for $91.54 million. William A. Ackman purchased the property. Many of the big sales in 2015 involved condominiums with recognizable names getting their share. Two of 2015’s top sales were co-ops that broke the record with $77.5 million.

From the sales that occurred in 2015, it shows that the demand for luxury properties in New York is on the rise. Companies that deal in the luxury end of properties like Town Residential are playing a major role in the booming sector. The firm offers premier customer service with a professional team of representatives. Andrew Heibeger established Town Residential in 2010.
Town Residential focuses on residential sales, marketing, and leasing in addition to property development. The firm has positioned itself as the premier real estate luxury firm within the five years that it has been in operation.

Bankruptcy Looming In The Horizon For HomeJoy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy has been filed for the once hopeful startup HomeJoy. This announcement was delivered via blog post. The startup was founded by Aaron and Adora Cheung in 2013. It gave customers the option to have repairs and cleaning done in their homes by professionals on call.

After raising $38 million in venture funding, they had aspirations for expansion
and were planning to do so. But, this expansion was cut short due to “many unresolved challenges in the home services space.” This is a statement from the July blog post. One founder said that worker classification lawsuits are to blame for the mess. Reclassifying contractors as employees could raise cost 20 to 40 percent in some cases.

On the flip side of the spectrum we have Handy, formerly known as HandyBook. It is another venture startup cleaning and repair service, which has raised over $110 million to date. They are in the lead when it come to hiring pre-screened, qualified, independent professionals. They offer a wide range of services as well. They have professionals you can book for cleaning, moving the heavy things you don’t want to, home repairs and painting ti name a few. It is quickly becoming the go-to for on call services.

You know that vacation rental that you wish you never threw that party at? Handy pros will gladly come and tidy the place for a fee. Is that leaky faucet driving you bonkers? You can have them fix that too. It really is easier now than ever to get things done without all of the effort. If you (like most of us) are busy most of the time, this service could really come in handy. The open market left by the bankruptcy of HomeJoy could spell an even larger customer base for Handy.

If they can keep their momentum going, they’ll continue to expand and profit. Only time will tell if they will remain on top of their business model.

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Men’s Fashion Retailing Hits Record Levels

The men’s fashion industry has recently been undergoing many changes with men of all ages and backgrounds looking to have a stronger sense of personal style than ever before. Online retailing has become a major force in the world of men’s fashions as increasing numbers of men are looking to Internet retailers for every aspect of their fashion choices and their personal grooming options. By moving to the Internet the world of men’s fashion has become more popular than ever before and has seen changes to the way men look and prepare themselves for each and every day.

Paul Evans italian Shoes are one of the fastest growing Online retailers with a specialization in handmade shoes from a top European manufacturer. The handmade shoes created for the Paul Evans brand are created by artisans at a family owned factory in Naples, Italy, which means each and every shoe sold to customers is designed and made to a high level of finish. The designs produced by Paul Evans take in everything from contemporary options to those that have a more traditional feel to them.

The history of Paul Evans Shoes is based in the problems two financial specialists had finding the clothing and accessories they would be happy to wear on a regular basis in traditional stores. Not only did the establishment of Paul Evans allow the brand to bring high quality shoes to the public, but it also allowed men to get the best quality shoes without the high markup found in most traditional physical retail spaces.

Online retailing has grown across the board for men, which many experts put down to the ease of use that is available with most Online retail options; many men are attracted by the fact they can look over options for making a purchase without needing to leave the comfort of their couch or desk, Business Insider reports. Another attraction for many men are the free shipping and returns options that have made people more aware than ever of the ease with which Online shopping can be completed.

Yeonmi Park: A Young Woman Finding Freedom

At the age of just 22 years old, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has lived through more heartache than most people will ever experience in their entire lives. Within recent years, she has become a spokesperson who has shed light upon the very desperate situation in North Korea. This country is continually shrouded in mystery due to the efforts of its leader, Kim Jong-Un. When Yeonmi Park lived in the country, it was Kim Jong-Il who was at the helm, but not much has changed since his son has taken over. The country is still full of starving people who have spotty electricity, no internet and no hopes of a better future. When satellite images of the world are released, one can see lights emanating from other countries, but not North Korea. Yeonmi Park has also publicly discussed on casey and yeonmi show the death of a friend’s mother. The woman was publicly executed for reasons that weren’t entirely clear, but Yeonmi believes it was because she was speaking out against the regime. In a country that is unclear about everything else, this seems to be the one concept that is made clear to all of the residents; they are not permitted to speak negatively about the regime. This was why, when Yeonmi was a small child, her mother warned her never to express her true feelings in public. This was how people got into trouble, after all. However, the fortunes of the Park family changed rapidly in the years that followed. Yeonmi’s father was arrested for being part of an operation that smuggled metals to the Chinese, and then he was tried and sentenced to a hard labor camp for 17 years. Because of his status as a criminal, his wife and daughters were now ostracized by their community. They survived off of grass, frozen potatoes and insects from the backyard. Eventually, they realized that they were going to die if this continued for much longer. This was when they decided to escape to China, but the women had no idea that what was in store for them over the border was equally terrifying.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Amazing Career and Hiring at Coriant

Coriant, a company dedicated to providing businesses with networking solutions, has announced that they have hired Shaygan Kheradpir as the new chief executive officer of their company. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the successor to Mr. Pat DiPietro, the former CEO of Coriant. Mr. DiPietro was willing to step down if the right person presented himself to the company, which turned out to be Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir has worked for a number of technologically-oriented companies, including Verizon Communications, where Mr. Kheradpir truly got his first big breakthrough. Kheradpir had been an employee of GTE Laboratories for a while, one of the companies that went on to form Verizon Communications. When the merger was finalized, Kheradpir was announced as the leader of the online division. This came about in the year 2000, when internet was not nearly as important and widespread as it is today. Mr. Kheradpir made significant contributions to Verizon Communication’s online division, such as helping develop Verizon’s groundbreaking FiOS, the fastest way to get intent at its time of development.

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Mr. Kheradpir went to college at Cornell University in the United States. Even though he grew up in Iran, he knew that the best education opportunities were in the United States, and it would be best for his future. Shaygan Kheradpir majored in electrical engineering with a concentration in control systems. This educational attainment has turned out to help Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir throughout his career. Every single one of his jobs has been in the technological world, where someone with a thorough understanding of technology can succeed.

Coriant primarily assists customer service representative companies who must have proper network and control systems to succeed. When one calls a customer service line, they will probably have their information pulled and their problem resolved in a few short minutes, marking the importance of an effective network system.

There Could Be A Potent Combination A Booming Commercial Real Estate Market In New York If They Paired With Town Residential

A recent review of New York City luxury real estate market reports by the website know as the Real Deal revealed some very interesting information about commercial and residential real estate for the burrows of Brooklyn and the expensive burrow of Manhattan. The commercial data for the burrows of Manhattan and Brooklyn were especially interesting in the article which can be found here. There was also some interesting data under the commercial category for New York City in its entirety. There was a 97% jump in the dollar volume from August to September. This can likely be attributed to the the myriad of multifamily sales. The total of multi-family sales totaled approximately $1.7 billion. This is an insane amount of money, which goes to show the growing value of real estate market and its reach in New York.

Office leasing has also been huge business in New York as of late, and the numbers the Real Deal has been reporting on New York City commercial real estate would blow most normal people’s concept of money and expenses into orbit. Almost 22 million square feet of business space was leased during a good portion of the year up until this fall. Manhattan’s vacancy rate was steady at 8.9 percent in quarter 3, and the standard asking rent rose to about $71 for every square foot. It is safe to say retail and other forms of commercial real estate are making a huge comeback in New York City financially.

Town Residential’s real estate management and consultant firms are more than able to help interpret, act as mediators and even handle the sales themselves. The knowledge this firm possesses for both residential and commercial transactions can’t be matched. They take a hand-on approach no matter what pricing structure the client uses in order to ensure satisfaction to all of their clients. The members of the firm who happen to assist in transactions have no equals in the field of real estate transactions, and their knowledge is truly unmatched.

Town Residential has used a winning formula combined with a unique approach used by its expert employees in residential transactions, but they have also learned to adapt and formulate a style for commercial transactions. The formula for the commercial transactions is just as impressive as the firms residential transaction. There has always been a great deal of care give to transaction whether they are commercial or residential.