Malcolm CasSelle: Improving Virtual Trades Through WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is an American programmer and entrepreneur who introduced the WAX platform, which is one of the most in-demand trading platforms for online players. The WAX platform was created to limit the number of fraudulent transactions within the game, giving the players a fresh breath of air away from those who just wanted to steal their items. The WAX platform is also changing the way online games are played because more players are trying to become investors themselves by keeping a rare item and waiting for its value to rise. With the confidence that the item would not be stolen, the number of trades would also climb up. It is a victory for Malcolm CasSelle himself because he had to develop the program for months and even years before he can upload it online. The platform is an advanced type of a program that uses blockchain technology for security purposes. This technology makes the online gaming world a safer place for gamers, especially those who are trading high grade or rare items that are worth a fortune in the real world.

For Malcolm CasSelle, it is essential that there would be a level of organization for each guild that is actively trading with players around the world. These guilds would select the people who would serve as the guards when trading with other players, to ensure that the item traded does exist and that there will be an item on hand. Most of the time, fraudulent transactions are being caught because of blockchain technology. Since the technology was introduced, the number of fraudulent transactions online went down. The WAX platform is one of the first proponents of a gaming world that uses the blockchain technology, and they are effective in dealing with the high number of fraudulent transactions happening within the game.

Malcolm CasSelle stated that he would keep on innovating the technology that he created, and the gamers should expect a highly secured platform that would succeed the WAX technology in the years to come. For him and his company, the safety of every transaction comes first, and they will do everything to achieve it.

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Graham Edwards Leads the Pack with his Collaborative Approach

Telereal Trillium, a largely successful property company, is a classic example of how teamwork can impact an industry. Graham Edwards, its CEO, strongly believes that no person can achieve much success on their own.


The company boasts of assets that are valued at £6 billion. Its holdings which are estimated to cover more than 86 million square feet cater for numerous businesses and families.


It was birthed when the Trillium and Telereal firms joined hands nine years ago. Graham Edwards, who was the chief executive of Telereal at the time, was the brain behind the merger. The Pears family had set up the firm back in 2001 after striking a deal with Land Securities Trillium. They robustly sought for partnerships and were able to bring on board BT Group Plc. This enabled Telereal to add to its assets property worth £2.38 billion.


Graham Edwards was the first CEO of the firm and worked closely with his fellow executives to achieve their goals. The economics major alumnus of Cambridge University had a great wealth of experience prior to this appointment. He had headed the finance department of the BT Plc property wing and had also served at Merrill Lynch as a fund manager.


Being modest as he is Graham Edwards attributes the success he has achieved to the many players in the property industry. He mentioned Ian Ellis, who was at the helm of Trillium, as one of the major contributors to the establishment of Telereal Trillium. Ellis had had a five-year stint at Telereal before joining Trillium.


During their time together they influenced how business was done and established the firm’s culture. They kept in touch when Ellis left and their friendship played a big role in the merger negotiations.


The firm has since grown its revenues to more than £1 billion annually courtesy of the collaborations and partnerships formed over the years. Rather than doing it all Graham Edwards has made a habit of trusting his team with different responsibilities. He has also consistently reached out to other market players to increase his firm’s productivity.


Their collaborative approach will continue to yield great results and their clients should expect better services in the years to come.


Jeff Aronin-dedicated to serving individuals with rare conditions

Jeff Aronin is a physician who focuses his career on serving patients with medical needs that have not been previously met. Having attended Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree, he then went on to get a master’s degree from DePaul University. He founded and became CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. The focus of that foundation is neglected and rare disorders and diseases. Jeff Aronin was able to focus on finding medicines and treatments that could work for disorders and diseases that were often overlooked by big pharmacy corporations.

In 2009, Ovation Pharmaceuticals was bought out by a Danish company. The sale price was over nine hundred million. Jeff Aronin stayed on as CEO.

Jeff Aronin also founded a company called Paragon Biosciences. This company has a very strong track record for endorsing thirteen new medicines. Jeff Aronin and his company are devoted to patients unmet needs. This company also consists of clinical experts who have the expertise to develop new drugs.

Throughout all of his endeavors, Jeff Aronin’s focus is people with rare diseases, serving populations of less than two hundred thousand people. Bringing medicines to fruition is a several step process that Jeff Aronin and his team of dedicated medical experts have gotten down to a science.

Jeff Aronin has a strong passion for not only medicine but also philanthropy. His company gives back to the community, as well. They also focus on improving education, advancing science, rare disease treatment development, as well as raising awareness of lesser known diseases.

Some lesser known diseases and disorders that Jeff Aronin focuses on are Huntington Disease, Pediatric Epilepsy, Porphyria disorder, and several other rare diseases. Through Jeff Aronin’s organizations and education, there is hope for people with rare and lesser known diseases. Jeff Aronin has dedicated his career and focus to helping those who may be overlooked otherwise.


IC Systems Guiding Principles

IC Systems is an accounts receivable company that was founded eighty (80) years ago by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company’s headquarters are based in Minnesota. Since its formation the company’s purpose has been improving the financial outcomes for patients. In achieving this purpose, the ethics and honest are the key pillars of this company. It is built on core values which include treating all people with dignity and respect and serving patients the right way. Also, the company delivers results that exceed expectations and always finds better ways of doing things through innovation. IC Systems also recognizes their employees and quarterly awards those who exhibit exemplary performance.

The company also cares about the community and gives back to society wherever possible. The company has a charity wing which investigates and makes decisions on how funds donated by the IC Systems are distributed.

IC Systems is a company which maintains compliance Systems such as auditing, documentation and training. The company carried out internal audit in each department. Whereas other accounts receivable companies just follow the bare minimum when it comes to regulations, IC Systems ensures that it complies with the latest regulatory measures.

In matters security, IC Systems embraces auditing by a third party security specialist. This assures the patients that their data is secure from access and misuse by anybody. Additionally, the company is also licensed to operate in all the 50 states making it more convenient.

IC Systems is committed to achieving their goals and this is displayed by how they carry out their operations. Ethical and honesty treatment to all patients being the guiding principles, the company accepts nothing but highest level of behavior from the staff. All the employees are thoroughly trained on how to handle patients in an ethical and honesty manner. This helps in maintaining a good relationship between the patients and the staff.


What Christopher Linkas Learned After Graduating College During a Recession

When Christopher Linkas offers financial advice to new college graduates he knows whereof he speaks. In 1991 Christopher had just completed his schooling at Bowdoin College in Maine.


It was after graduation that his education would begin in earnest. That year the savings and loan crisis had just knocked the bottom out of the economy triggering a recession. It was not a good time to be just starting out in the world.


Recently, Christopher Linkas offered some financial guidance to ease the newly graduated’s transition into the real world. Monetarily that is.


Financing your education through student loans means that on average undergraduate students start out in life $30,000 in debt. Go for an advanced degree and that number nearly triples.


Christopher Linkas suggests advancing your education at a public rather than a private university. When looking for work having the name of a prestigious school on your degree doesn’t offer enough of an advantage to warrant the higher tuition.


Learn to manage money. Christopher Linkas advocates what we will call the “One-Quarter Rule”. Set 25% of your take-home pay aside for rent. In equal amounts, the remaining 75% will be split between food/entertainment and savings. The 25% that is left is walking around money.


Learn how to invest. Planning wisely for the future provides a safety net against life’s uncertainties and investments are the webbing in that net.


Not planning for the future could mean working your entire life because you can’t afford to retire. Fifty dollars a month could go a along way towards securing your financial future. If you have qualms about investing Christopher Linkas suggests putting your money in index or targeted retirement funds. These funds minimize risk and guarantee a return.


A financial expert Linkas began his working life with a consulting firm. From there, he would earn his living in the field of credit and investment. Next, he successfully headed a credit and real estate firm.


In 2012 Linkas took charge of a European Credit Team in London. Principle investments of an opportunistic nature are the focus of Christopher Linkas’ team.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Receives Award at PUC Ceremony

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was honored on April 1 at PUC-São Paulo. The judge is a professor of criminal law at the university and a newly constructed auditorium was named after him during the celebration in his honor.


The university’s president, Dirceu de Mello, officiated the ceremony. In his speech about Marco, he mentioned that he was always willing to lend a helping hand and had helped ensure the construction of the new auditoriums was completed and went smoothly. His work on the auditorium makes it very appropriate for it to be named after him.


Marco studied at PUC and graduated in 1981 with a law degree. He continued his education at the Pontifical Catholic University, where he earned masters and doctoral degrees. He also did a postdoctoral fellowship at Faculty of Law of Coimbra. In 1982, Marco became a professor at PUC where he continues to teach today. He earned his tenure in 2003.


In addition to his teaching, he also serves on the State Judiciary. He earned the role of Substitute Judge in 2002 and later began serving as Court of Appeals Judge in 2007.


On top of all this, Marco has also written numerous articles and books. He’s composed a total of 40 articles and 13 books. One of his most notable books was Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity, which he worked on with Jorge Miranda, who serves as a Constitutional Law Professor specializing in European law. The book also contains pieces written by European and Brazilian jurists.


When it was Marco’s turn to give a speech at the ceremony, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be celebrating this honor with many of his close friends and family. He also mentioned that he loved his college days at PUC and the excitement he felt from day one on campus still remains as he teaches his classes there today.


How Perry Mandera Impacts Lives at the Mercy Home

Perry Mandera is a big name in the business sector all over the world. He is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies Inc. This company is 30 years old. Business aside, Perry has also built a name through his philanthropic deeds. One noticeable one was his work with the Mercy Home.


He is not new to giving back. This is because of his history of service in the armed forces. His life has many acts of generosity and it is this that led to the creation of Custom Cares. It is an arm of the Custom Companies Inc. that deals with charity.


This arm has seen him support major life causes. Perry has worked with organizations whose goals are serving the needs of veterans. He has also worked with those organizations that aim at eradicating cancer. Perry’s most notable pursuits are his willingness to support needy children.


The Mercy Home’s establishment was in 1887. It works to reduce neglect and abuse directed at children. Since 1887, this organization has helped over 30,000 children. It has done this through mentoring programs, youth residential and aftercare.


How Perry Mandera helps


He helps the Mercy Home carry out its missions through Custom Cares. Recently, through a gardening project at the home, he promoted a sustainability initiative. The project had many objectives. They included reducing the carbon print in the community. It also aimed at educating the residents at the home on practices that are responsible.


Through resources from Custom Companies Inc, Perry has assisted with transportation. Mandera works with The Walter Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. Through his commitment to them, he provided transportation to needy children in Chicago. He also donated 6,500 winter coats to them.


Through his company, he has provided transportation for natural disaster victims. An example is during the tornado at Washington in 2013.


Custom Cares has sponsored hundreds of youth sports teams in Chicago. It also comes to the aid of abused young adults by offering them financial support in schools.

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Perry Mandera, CEO of The Custom Companies Inc, Inspires Chicagoans To Give 100 Percent Through Quality Work And Charity

The Simple Jorge Moll In The Sophisticated World of Research

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” thee are words once spoken by the greatest artist the world had ever seen Da Vinci and are the words that guide one doctor by the name Jorge Moll. The words look weird especially coming from a man that has his eyes set on Artificial intelligence and cognitive system. However, listening to his latest interview it is pretty understandable the connection he sees between simplicity and sophistication.

The sophistication that comes with research, especially in things like Artificial Intelligence, is unimaginable but Jorge Moll brings the simplicity in it. As he stated in his previous interview, the choice of the simplest idea that can be put into an action plan is his preferred model of execution. He faces numerous challenges especially with the Nonprofit organization he runs. However, Jorge Moll goal is to make the sophistication in research be simple enough to be used by doctors to treat patients all around the world.

The simple man is one that has sophisticated academic credentials. Jorge Moll received his medical degree in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He later furthered his academic expertise in the city of Sao Paulo, where he got his Doctorate from the Sao Paulo University. His doctorate was in Experimental Pathophysiology. His life as an entrepreneur and researcher is also vast.

He currently sits on several boards. Jorge Moll is the Founder and president of D’or Institute of Research and Education. The institute is a non-profit organization that deals with research in different fields. Jorge Moll is also the director of the cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and Neuroinformatics workgroup.

Jorge life and line of business might seem sophisticated but maintains a simple life of family and work. Always taking care of his business. In fact in his last interview when asked how he would spend a 100 dollars, he showed his two sides of his life. He revealed that he will buy toys for his children or pay for the domain of his new domain for the new NGO he intends to start.

Jorge Moll is a man with a simple philosophy of moving on when it does not work and this is one of the reasons for his success in his sophisticated world of research.


Lee May Beamridge Is A Community Star

Lee May Beamridge, of Beamridge Ltd, is a man who’s very passionate about developing private property. He takes part in building residential sites of up to thirty units in the city of London, as well as outside of the city. The man considers himself very fortunate to be apart of not just Beamridge Ltd, but a slew of other successful businesses as well. He’s also a very outgoing person who’s always looking to meet individuals that’ll help him progress in the industries he’s involved in.


Among the many businesses he’s apart of, Lee is involved with a company named after the man himself. Lee May Beamridge, the company, was founded in 2013 by a group of Directors with an abundance of construction experience; in fact, the experience of the group astonishingly surpasses 100 years! Along with this experience, the organization is very proud regarding it’s deliverance of ingenuity and innovation to the construction industry, while simultaneously maintaining the greatest standards of Quality and Safety in the industry. The company also boasts achieving ISO accreditations 18001, 14001, 9001, Safecontractor, CQMS, and Chas.


Recently, it was announced that Lee will partake in a sponsored 10k run, which is to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club purchase a mini bus. All of the funds received from the run will be given to the Club to enable them to continue the work they do.


Lee May Beamridge, the organization, is proud to be a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The company looks forward to helping the Club improve all aspects of their training. Also, the business is excited to help give the greatest opportunities for the club’s young boxers to positively compete in domestic and European tournaments.


Apart from boxing, the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club contributes to the growth of young people, who benefit from the strong values of the club.


Lee is fan of boxing, and takes great pride in being a sponsor of Nemesis ABC. His goal is to raise £20K. Any amount given would be appreciated by both Lee himself and the club as a whole.

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Investments Research of Stansberry Research Company

The world of investment is influential, and a lot of people are making their investments here. The market for investments is never stable since there are ups and downs. The deals to some extent can be useful while other times it cannot please at all. Therefore, those people that make their investments in stock market ensure that they are investing in the stock market when the market is favorable. You can find a specific month that no anybody is willing to purchase the stocks but when the price rises you will have more customers.


The incidences from A Bull Market in Everything, it is evident that in the stock market there are melt-ups and it needs a courageous and experienced person that can be able to withstand the pressures on the market. The most important with investing in stock is that you will be able to gain massive profits when the prices are high. Due to this fact, a lot of investors are being attracted towards stock investments so that they can be able to grab the opportunity.

It is always imperative to make your investments with a bold determination so that you can be able to enjoy the profits despite the melting ups of the stock market. Since some situations may appear unfavorably, you may be required to experience the pinch of losing since the market is not adding up to anything good.


Stansberry Research has been acting well in the investments research field. It is a well-established company that provides publications based on investments research, and it is situated at Maryland. To expand its services to more investors, it has other offices in countries like Florida, California, and Oregon. Most of the services that Stansberry Research provides to customers that subscribe to their publications are purely on investment research on stock and commodity market. Through the writings that it offers to investors makes it easy and possible to locate the best market when it comes to research investments.

The services offered by the Stansberry Research Company are significant to the investors since the company organizes conferences to update people on investments.


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